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Mine Screening

    Square Swing Screen

    From the point of view of the trajectory of the screen box, which is the screen box, the square swing screen is also called the arc screen. The vibration force generated by the drive device is an inertial force that changes in a certain direction around a fixed axis, and its essence is The reciprocating inertial force formed by the rotation of the eccentric wheel around the fixed axis. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the square rocking vibrating screen, the screen surface is generally horizontal or slightly inclined (the inclination angle is 0°~5°). After the screen machine is started, the shaking body of the screen machine, namely the screen box, will reciprocate back and forth under the action of inertial force. The screen box drives the screen surface to periodically shake, so that the material on the screen surface will move with the screen box in a directional jumping motion. During this period, the physical materials smaller than the screen surface aperture fall to the lower layer through the screen holes and become under-the-screen objects. The materials larger than the screen surface aperture are discharged from the discharge port after continuous tumbling and jumping motion, thereby completing the screening work.

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    Probability screen

    Probability screen is a kind of sieve machinery which can make use of the principle of probabilistic screening. The sieve theory points out that, the stranded time of each object in its interior is opposite to its weight in the work. Through the actual experiment, particle size is much smaller than the hole diameter, it can quickly pass the screen surface, the more close to the hole diameter, the longer the stranded time, if the diameter of the two sides are close, the stranded time of the material is the longest, popular speaking, large particles stay time is long , small particles stay time is short.

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    Dewatering Screen

    Dewatering screen adopt dual-electrode self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block, adjustable amplitude vibrator. The machine is combined mainly by the screen box, exciter, support system and motor. The two mutually independent vibrators are respectively driven by the tape coupling to do synchronous reverse operation. The centrifugal force generated by two eccentric masses is superposed along the vibration direction and reversely counteracted, thereby forming a single vibration force along the vibration direction, making the screen box reciprocating linear motion.

    Dewatering screen, also known as high-frequency dewatering screen, changing the water surface tension of pulp through the exciting force, pulp water through the screen to become the undersize material, and fine material is blocked by the screen to form the filter layer by the vibration of the forward movement of discharge. Dewatering screen is mainly used for detailings dewatering in the mineral processing industry, coal slurry dehydration of coal preparation plant, washed quartz sand dewatering and ceramic slurry dehydration, and wet and dry classification, dehydration, removal and mud removal of medium and fine granular materials in industrial sectors such as electric power, sugar making and salt making.

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    Heavy Vibrating Screen

    The working principle of ZSG heavy vibrating screen is: after the machine starting, a symmetrical arrangement of two vibration motor or excitation device with same model and specifications for synchronous reverse operation, the vibration force through the vibration body – motor or exciter base passed to the whole vibration body – screen box, makes the screen box drives the vibration screen surface to do cyclical movement, so that the material on the surface of the screen to jump sports with screen box, meanwhile, the material smaller than the screen mesh hole will fall to next layer through, becoming the undersize material, the material bigger than the screen mesh hole will be discharged by outlet after continuous jumping movement, eventually completed screening operation.

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    Circular Vibrating Screen

    YK series circular vibrating screen is composition mainly by the screen box, screen mesh, vibrator and damping spring, etc. Vibrator is installed in the side panels of screen box, which driven by motor through the coupling, produce centrifugal inertia force, making the screen box vibration.

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    Banana Sieve

    The banana-shaped vibrating screen is a self-synchronizing heavy-duty equal-thickness screen. The screen box is similar to the shape of a banana. The screen beam adopts a box-shaped beam. The vibrating screen transmission system consists of a motor passing through a pulley and a V-belt, and then a universal connecting shaft transmits the energy to the vibration screen. The vibrator and the exciter are connected by an intermediate transmission shaft. The screen surface adopts the form of fold lines with different inclination angles, and the thickness of the material layer does not change from the inlet end to the outlet end. The material volume and flow rate ratio on each section of the screen surface is stable, the material layer is high, and the material is in a uniform state. The screening efficiency is significantly improved, and the processing capacity is 1-2 times higher than that of the vibrating screen with the same effective area. For materials with high fine particle content, especially When the content of materials whose medium content accounts for less than 1/2 of the classified particle size is large, the banana-type vibrating screener has higher screening efficiency.

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    Bar Screen

    When BTS bar screen work, the exciting force generated by the vibration exciter through the screen box to pass through to the screen surface, because the exciter vibration force generated by the longitudinal force, fForcing the sieve box to drive the sieve surface to make longitudinal before and after displacement. Under certain conditions, the material on the screen surface is thrown forward due to the exciting force, and the material smaller than the screen hole will fall down through the screen to the lower layer. The BTS bar vibrating screen material’s movement on the screen surface is parabolic, and the bar vibrating screen performs the material screening operation due to such repeated movement of the material.

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    Roller Sieve

    Since the screen shafts are arranged according to different working angles, when the material runs at a higher working angle, the speed is faster; when the material runs at a lower working angle, the speed is slower. Materials running at two different speeds start to move axially when they meet at a certain position on the screen surface. The material layer can be evenly distributed on the screen surface, effectively improving screening efficiency.

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    Environmental vibrating screen

    The DCB environmental protection screen series vibrating screen adopts the reverse self-synchronizing driving mode of two vibration motors, which has better stability. The screen is fixed with a positioning pin at one end. The hook plate at the other end is tightened and fastened. Its unique screen fixing form makes the screen replacement extremely convenient and fast.

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