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Gaofu History


Hard times


Reform exploration


Change and forge ahead

2020-As yet


  • Hard times 1982-1999

    The steps of the pioneer were arduous and steady in the cold years; he used the courage and wisdom of self-reliance to overcome difficulties; Gaofu carried the banner of leading the development of China's fine screening industry


    In 1982, the old chairman led a team to research screening machinery in a state-owned unit, trial-produced the first screening equipment, and began to get involved in the screening machinery industry.


    In 1990, the workshop-style Xinxiang Micro Powder Machinery Equipment Factory was established


    In 1993, a generation of "snail airflow screen" came out


    In 1994, snail screen machine patent ZL93 2 35450.5

  • Reform exploration 2000-2009

    On the way forward, be brave to be an explorer and pioneer of reform; in the changing times, learning, thinking and innovation have become the firm cornerstone of the company's reform; Gaofu will shine and show its majesty on the world stage


    In 2000, Xinxiang Gaofu Sieving Machinery Co., Ltd. was established, with "high-end quality and sincere service" as its cultural foundation and the development of fine screening equipment as its main strategic direction.


    The first in the industry to obtain ISO9001 international quality system certification


    In 2005, became a "high-tech enterprise"


    Obtain the right to operate independent import and export operations


    Signed a strategic partnership with the French Phoenix Group


    Obtained CE safety certification from Rheinland, Germany

  • Change and forge ahead 2010-2019

    Constant strivers with perseverance and lofty ideals; Gaofu, an enterprise that makes Chinese people proud and respected by the world, keeps climbing towards Mount Everest!


    In 2010, it was recognized as a famous trademark of Henan Province

    Selected as the Vice Chairman Unit of Vibration Machinery Industry Association

    Established municipal screening engineering technology research center


    In 2015, it changed into a joint-stock company and won the Science and Technology Achievement Award from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    Awarded "National Model Workers' Family" by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions

    Provincial-level contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise


    In 2016, the New OTC Market Beijing Equity Exchange Trading System was listed.

    Gaofu® was recognized as "China's Well-known Trademark" by the State Trademark Office

    Added 10,000m² factory building

    The company obtained the explosion-proof electrical production license


    In 2017, a member unit of Henan Explosion-proof Safety Equipment Industry Association


    In 2019, AAA credit unit

    Obtained explosion-proof vibrating screen certificate

  • Upgrade 2020- As yet

    In response to the national call, Made in China has transformed into China Intelligent Manufacturing; with the "Golden Decade" to the "New Era of High-Quality Development" profound changes; high service, intelligent and systematic transformation and upgrading, continue to Write a new chapter of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing, World Power"


    In 2020, establish an integrated management system of informatization and industrialization

    The company transforms into an intelligent and systematic strategy and becomes an integrated supplier of material conveying and screening systems.


    In 2021, selected as a "Specialized, Specialized and New Little Giant" enterprise

    Make a grand appearance at the 17th China Expo in 2021

    Won the "Xinxiang County Mayor Quality Award"

    “Vibration Association President" unit


    In 2022, he participated in the drafting and formulation of 4 national standards "GB/T 41162-2022", "GB/T 40802-2021", "GB/T 40805-2021", and "GB/T 41160-2022"

    Gaofu joins hands with the Vibration Association to hold the "2022 China (Xinxiang) Vibrating Screening Industry Expo"


    In 2023, obtain energy management system certification