System Equipment|Feeding and Screening System

System equipment

    Small food flour feeding system

    The small food flour supply system uses two flour or starch powder supply systems at the same time. It is mainly used for snack foods. The dough mixer automatically quantifies the dough during mixing. The quantification does not take up the dough mixing time, and a quantification cycle is completed in 3 minutes. , the blanking time is 10–20 seconds, and the quantification is accurate.

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    Sesame cake powder supply system

    Use dust-free feeding and vacuum feeder to lift sesame and powdered sugar into the buffer bin, and then lift into the temporary storage bin after weighing. The flour enters the buffer bin and the online weighing bin under positive pressure to achieve sugar weighing 75 kg and 25 kg of sesame into the mixing tank and mix for 5 minutes, then put in 150kg flour, and repeat the operation for 3 minutes.

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    Pastry feeding system

    The system consists of a feeding station, a buffer storage bin, a vacuum feeder, a pulse dust collector, a weighing bin, etc.

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    Biscuit powder supply system

    The system consists of a bag feeding station, a buffer storage bin, a distribution valve, a weighing bin, and a dough mixer

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    Ready-mixed flour and breaded flour production line

    The system consists of dust-free feeding, vacuum feeder, straight-line screen, buffer storage bin,

    mixer, packaging machine, rechecker, inkjet printer, roller conveyor, etc.

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    3D printing material screening system

    The 3D printing material powder is put into the airtight material bucket in advance. The valve below the material bucket can control the passing speed of the powder. The powder enters the vibrating feeder below, and the vibrating feeder uniformly transports the material to the ultrasonic vibrating screen through vibration. The ultrasonic vibrating screen generates three-dimensional motion through the vibrating motor, which forces the material to jump and roll on a certain track on the screen.

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    Feeding system

    The system consists of a feeding platform, dust control, negative pressure system, automatic powder supply, feeding and screening integration

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    Flour Dust-free Feeding System

    Suitable for food processing enterprises that need automated production and truly solve environmental protection and safety issues

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