pneumatic conveying system

Small food flour feeding system

Material: Flour, starch

Capacity: 80 ton

Mesh size: 16 mesh

Why is the small food flour feeding system?

  • Save labor 1 person adds ingredients and 1 person mixes dough
  • Environmental friendly Sealed pipeline transportation, no dust leakage
  • SafetyNew process pipeline sealing connection, dust-free and safer

These industries have chosen small food flour feeding system

Gaofu small food flour feeding system works very well on these materials!

Powder supply system process

Powder supply system process
pneumatic conveying system
System interpretation

  • The system consists of a vacuum feeder, a positive pressure centrifugal sifter, a in-line sieve, a buffer silo, a weighing silo
  • , a mixing machine, dough mixer, etc
pneumatic conveying system

These companies are using small food flour feeding system
  • Food
  • Fortune 500 companies

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