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Vacuum Feeder

Why choose vacuum feeder

Low pollution: Reduce the pollution of the environment and personnel on materials and improve the cleanliness

Easy to operate: It takes up little space and can complete the small space of powder transportation, making the work space beautiful and generous, and is not limited by long or short distances

No leakage: The whole conveying process is carried out in a closed system without any powder leakage.

High efficiency: Reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency

Applicable industry

Medicine, Food, Chemicals, Metallurgy, Building materials and other industries.

Product advantage

  • Reduce dust pollution  Reduce dust environmental pollution and improve the working environment
  • Improve cleanliness  Reduce environmental and personnel pollution of materials
  • Improve work efficiency  Reduce labor intensity
  • No leakage of sealed powder The whole conveying process is carried out in a closed system

Applicable industry

medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries

Technical parameter

Model Power(kW) Conveying capacity(kg/h)
ZKS-1 1.5 400
ZKS-2 2.2 600
ZKS-3 3 1200
ZKS-4 5.5 2500
ZKS-6 5.5 3200
ZKS-7 7.5 6000
ZKS-10-6 7.5 6000(Within 10 meters)
ZKS-20-5 11 5000(Within 20 meters)

Note: The conveying capacity is measured when the conveying pipe is 4 meters long and the conveyed material is flour. The longer the conveying pipe, the conveying capacity will decrease, and the conveying capacity is also closely related to the characteristics of the material.

Working principle

The ZKS vacuum feeder uses a vacuum pump to evacuate air, so that the inlet of the suction nozzle and the entire system are in a certain vacuum state. The powder and granular materials are sucked into the feed nozzle along with the outside air, forming a material airflow, passes through the suction pipe and reaches the hopper, where the gas and material are separated. The separated material enters the material receiving equipment. Conveying and discharging materials are completed by continuously opening and closing the pneumatic three-way valve, and the opening and closing of the pneumatic three-way valve is controlled by the control center. The ZKS vacuum feeder is equipped with a compressed air backflush device. Each time the material is discharged, the compressed air pulses backflush the filter to knock down the powder adsorbed on the filter surface so that the suction material can operate normally.

These companies are using vacuum feeder
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Metal powder
  • Biological
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • New energy
  • Pharmaceutical

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