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Xinxiang Gaofu Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1982. Its main business is the development and sales of vibration machinery, screening equipment, conveying equipment, coal crushing machinery and filtering equipment. On March 25, 2016, Gaofu shares were listed on the New Third Board (stock code: 836946).

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Technical information

Understand cutting-edge screening techniques

    How to solve the question of removal impurity slow for rotary vibrating sieve?

    Rotary vibrating sieve also named vibrating sieve, it is the most common screening equipment, can complete the work of classification, impurity removal and filtration for powder, granule and liquid.Gaofu company learned from the customer feedback records, many users met with the problem of impurity removal slow of rotary vibration sieve, in response to this problem, this article shares three effective solutions, users can refer to solve When you encounter this problem.


    Problems in vibrating screen industry

    The overall standard level is not high
    The standard system construction, the standard formulation principles and methods, as well as technical content has a big gap with the international standards and industrialized countries and regions standards. There is a certain gap between our standard technical content indicators and foreign advanced standards. The lack of in-depth research on the standardization of new areas such as product safety performance, environmental protection indicators, resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, which are widely concerned in the world, has not yet formed a complete set of vibrating screen industry that is both in line with national conditions and in line with international standard system.


    Gaofu vibrating screen win market competition by quality

    What we have to do is to control quality strictly .
    To understand all the needs of customers.
    As long as there is business there will be competition, we have to do is how to stand out in the competition!


    Case analysis of pollen & honey special vibrating screen

    Face the fierce market competition and customer different levels needs, Gaofu companies always insist constant innovation, all for the sake of customers, in order to meet the changing needs of customers! With the popularity of vibration screen machine, more and more industries are beginning to use vibrating screen.


    Introduction of hammer crusher working principle & purpose?

    we all know hammer crusher, but what is the hammer crusher in the end, this article will show a brief description of hammer crusher definition, working principle, product usage, broken range, product characteristics.


    Golden guardian of the coal crushing system, Gaofu teeth roller coal crusher was widely praised

    Coal crusher is mainly suitable for coal-fired power plants, because the boiler coal is usually raw coal which is not classify, most of the raw coal particle size does not meet the coal requirements of the boiler, need to crush, coal-fired power plant coal handling system should set crusher , The coal broken into a certain size, to meet the requirements of the boiler combustion.


    Larger Chinese medicine powder market increasingly, Gaofu centrifugal sifter to increase more benefit

    Nowadays, people in China pay more and more attention to the topic of healthy regimen, and are also increasingly interested in traditional Chinese medicine powder which as a health care therapeutic. Most Chinese herbal medicines are also made for baking powder, and the effect of baking powder is even better than the original drug. But how to sort out the right size and sell good looking Chinese medicine powder? This is the problem which many pharmaceutical companies face.


    The European Union moves towards zero waste management.

    Most countries in the process of urbanization in the world, with the large increase in urban residents’ consumption level, the number of urban waste (commonly known as trash) showed a trend of extraordinary growth, waste and waste processing of all kinds of environmental problems, has become a major challenge facing the world cities.


    Application Industry of High Frequency Dewatering Screen and Economic Reliability Analysis

    The problem exist in slag separation process or tailings treatment, discusses high-frequency dewatering screen economy and reliability in the slag water separation process, not only to solve the mineral waste and in large investment cost for mineral processing plant, and the dewatering screen helps to achieve resource recovery and recycling of concentrator in production. It realizes the investment strategy of low input and high return, and also responds to the government’s energy saving and environmental protection policy, so that enterprises can achieve a win-win situation.