Coal crusher is mainly suitable for coal-fired power plants, because the boiler coal is usually raw coal which is not classify, most of the raw coal particle size does not meet the coal requirements of the boiler, need to crush, coal-fired power plant coal handling system should set crusher , The coal broken into a certain size, to meet the requirements of the boiler combustion.

And when it comes to the crushing machine essential for major companies, we must recommend the Gaofu roller coal crusher. Over the years, this coal crusher machine with its non-stick non-blocking, stable performance, meet the environmental requirements of the excellent quality, won the majority of users of the wide acclaim. Here we take you to find out.

First, the product overview: Gaofu coal crusher is Gaofu machinery made a lot of market research work developed the new gear roller crusher, it is used for hammer crusher appears sticky, blocking, particle size does not guarantee, Vibration, noise, dust, low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operating costs and other major issues, it is new crusher by research and development after technological innovation.

Second, customer testimonials

Customer Testimonials: Weihai Thermal Power Group Co.,Ltd
Project Overview: Weihai Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned company that integrates heating, heating, power generation and real estate development. May 2012, Shandong Weihai Thermal Power Group open tender coal crusher. At that time, as many as 12 suppliers participating in the bidding, 4 major types of coal crusher, and Gaofu Machinery participated in the competitive bidding wars.

After Shandong Weihai thermal electric tender team technical questions, business parity, Equipment use site visits,, Gaofu manufacturers site visits and other layers of strict control, the final choice of Gaofu roll coal crusher. From 2012 to 2014, the company gradually buy 8 sets GF4PG250 Gaofu coal crusher.

Customer Testimonials: LUXI Group CO., LTD.
Project Overview: As a state-owned large-scale chemical enterprise group, Luxi Group has stringent requirements on the safety of equipment. It is very cautious and very serious in purchasing coal crusher. After the pre-investigation site, full technical communication and strict comparison of tenders, Luxi Group finally selected a satisfactory product - Gaofu toothed roller crusher.

Customer Testimonial: Shanxi Lanhua Sci-tech Venture Co., Ltd.
Project details: Lanhua Sci-tech an annual output of 200,000 tons of caprolactam project, is the key project of leapfrog development by provincial and municipal "Twelve Five" planning transformation, Lanhua Sci-tech science and technology implementation of "strong coal, fertilizer, the new development of New energy materials ", to speed up the transformation of traditional coal chemical industry to modern coal chemical industry major projects.
In this project, Gaofu Tooth Roller Coal crusher provides reliable protection of broken coal particle size for 200,000 tons Lanhua Sci-tech caprolactam project. Field measured equipment 8 bearings 16 test points between the vibration value of 0.03-0.16mm, much better than the vibration value of the industry standard. Solve the problem of dust pollution equipment, on-site dust less than 10mg / m3, to meet the environmental requirements. Gaofu technical service team of professional and responsiveness than the user expectations, but also got highly praised by customers.