Nowadays, people in China pay more and more attention to the topic of healthy regimen, and are also increasingly interested in traditional Chinese medicine powder which as a health care therapeutic. Most Chinese herbal medicines are also made for baking powder, and the effect of baking powder is even better than the original drug. But how to sort out the right size and sell good looking Chinese medicine powder? This is the problem which many pharmaceutical companies face.
In fact, as long as using Gaofu horizontal airflow sieve, it can be easily dealed with!

Chinese medicine powder usually has the following characteristics: fiber, viscous, easy to adsorb, caking, light weight, easy to fly. The use of ordinary screening machine, the powder is easy getting together, Material screening is not transparent but was wrapped away. Eventually lead to expensive items wasted, not sorted out.

In addition, workers operate the vibrating screen, the scene is easy to appear dust flying "grand scene." Although it is a drug, it can also cause injuries to the workers, resulting in the workers frequent leave. Even more frightening is that it is difficult to avoid foreign matter such as hair fall into the material, resulting in consumer complaints ....... These problems make the pharmaceutical boss a headache.

However, with Gaofu airflow sieve, all these problems are solved!
Horizontal airflow sieve is Gaofu machinery to meet the purpose of pharmaceutical, food industry GMP certification process requirements, the WSA series of screen machines based on the best optimization, innovation and improvement made.

At present, the high service horizontal airflow sieve has been successfully applied to Tong Ren Tang, Mongolia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Kunming Chinese medicine, Erythromycin ethyl succinate, 999, Chongqing Taiji Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd., CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited , North China Pharmaceutical and other famous pharmaceutical companies.
First, the product work principle:
The horizontal airflow sieve mesh is cylindrical, placed in the body, the material mixed with the air flow through the screw conveyor system, atomized into the mesh tube, through the wind turbine blades within the mesh tube so that the material forced by centrifugal force and cyclone propulsion at the same time . The raw material mixture enters the machine body from the airflow inlet, and through the smart turbine force, Dispersed raw materials to the composite mesh through orderly ,and the windward direction enters the next procedure.

So, unqualified impurity foreign item is intercepted, discharged through the automatic slag discharge. So as to achieve the purpose of efficient separation.
Second, product performance advantages:
Negative pressure cycle up and down the material,, the entire screening process without dust without waste. We can simply calculate: ordinary Chinese medicine powder from processing to powder, the cheapest in accordance with 31.00USD / kg, according to the flying out of 2 kg / day, according to 26 days in the month, the monthly waste is 1612.00 USD. The negative pressure screening without dust, workers are no longer frequently concerned about their health and leaving, saving human resources costs.

Pseudo-knot is not easy to avoid the phenomenon in fast drying process , but again crushed will cause duplication of processes because of the amount, manual rubbing there will occur other problems. Gaofu horizontal airflow screen can use the dragon-style promote way, simple extrusion caking, solve the problem of false knot fast from the fundamental.