1.The overall standard level is not high
The standard system construction, the standard formulation principles and methods, as well as technical content has a big gap with the international standards and industrialized countries and regions standards. There is a certain gap between our standard technical content indicators and foreign advanced standards. The lack of in-depth research on the standardization of new areas such as product safety performance, environmental protection indicators, resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, which are widely concerned in the world, has not yet formed a complete set of vibrating screen industry that is both in line with national conditions and in line with international standard system.

2.Standard content is more emphasis on the production type, it is difficult to meet the needs of the market. with the development of economy, the market demand for standardization is getting higher and higher. Government macro-management needs standards; enterprises’ product needs standard in the market ; users also need to use standards to protect their economic interests and legitimate rights and interests. The required standard is to determine whether the product is qualified and the basis of product quality certification and ordering contract. Current standards emphasize manufacturing requirements, materials and process requirements in the manufacturing process. Ignore the delivery acceptance conditions, safety performance, reliability and other trade requirements

3.Standards exist repeatedly cross-restrict each other. At present, repetition and crossings between industry standards occur from time to time. It cause the phenomenon that multiple industry standards coexistence for the same product, the standard attributes are not consistent, the standard requirements are not the same in the screening industry. It brings unnecessary trouble for the standard implementation, supervision and management and use.

4.Screening machinery product naming is not standardized, there is not even a unified executable standards. The manufacturers named the product according to their own needs. Resulting in poor compatibility between the vibrating screen manufacturers. In the long-term interest, it is unfavorable to the development of the entire industry and even restricts the development of the entire screening industry, becoming a stumbling block in the development of the industry.

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