What we have to do is to control quality strictly .

To understand all the needs of customers.

As long as there is business there will be competition, we have to do is how to stand out in the competition!


In the vibrating screen sales process, we often encounter some customers to compare our products with competitors, bargain with us, how can we achieve a win-win situation?

Last time, Mr Zhai from Hebei province asked the vertical airflow sieve. Customers produce magnesia, and their raw materials are also purchased, is trying to use the sieve machine mixed four different materials after impurity, requiring 400 mesh. At that time, we did not know much about this material, so we recommend customer to send the material to test. The customer agreed with our request.

After two days, Mr Zhai brought the material come, they saw our airflow sieve and asked to experiment. At that time, we install 400 meshes accroding to the customer request, which was not good for screening. We communicated with their technicians and installed a 200mesh screen afterwards. The materials pass soon and the tests met the requirements. They are very satisfied with the equipment, but when it comes to the price they have objections, other factory price is lower than ours. We asked on the spot, that quality and precision? They said with a smile about the same. "It is worse, airflow sieve is our patent, on experience, technology, size, Gaofu is first class.
Mr Zhai said to make decision after discuss with their engineer, we have a kind of feeling they are going to other factory to inspection not going back to the discussion. Because we are very confident of our products, we said that before buying machine should shop around thing.

In the evening, we estimated that they finished the study and they will be tired. We call them about to eat, at dinner time, Mr Zhai said the truth: "shop around three, I still phase your hGaofu products and services! The contract will be handed over tomorrow, pls produce it asap." "

This is the competition, you have confidence in yourself, customers buy your equipment at ease. Our company is a professional manufacturer of vibration screening equipment manufacturers, products throughout the country and exported to North America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia and other regions, we has become a sign-type enterprises in the industry, affirmed by all sectors of the community.

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