Face the fierce market competition and customer different levels needs, Gaofu companies always insist constant innovation, all for the sake of customers, in order to meet the changing needs of customers! With the popularity of vibration screen machine, more and more industries are beginning to use vibrating screen.
Some time ago, we received a client, doing honey, pollen products, who makes honey, pollen products, wants to classify the pollen into uniform particle size and powder-free state, because we have not done the pollen products before, it is recommended that customers send one kilogram of material over to do experiment.
Customers send pollen in plastic bags, we see the pollen is yellow, the shape of particles of different sizes, round, triangular and powdery, whistling, it is messy, Our first impression is that the product is a little sticky, will it be blocked the mesh?
Then we went to the laboratory to find two standard aperture of 2.0 and 0.71mm sieve to screen. Screening results are very smooth, after all, the upper 2mm hole large, non-blocking network, the lower is a little block of 0.71mm, but with the hand shake, the material pass the network. After screening, more than 2mm accounted for 40%, 40% of the middle, less than 0.71mm accounted for 20% of the partical size distribution, the powder is also sieved out.
Because the customer had never used a screen machine before, so they ask our to shoot the TV to further understand the screening process. Later, we filmed the whole process according to the requirements and passed the installation and debugging videos of the screen machine, to let the customers know more about the vibrating screen Use, the customer saw the video, more recognized our Gaofu company, and later, after understanding that the customer is self-employed, in order to benefit we recommend S49 series vibrating sieve machine, not only to meet the screening requirements, the price is quite cost-effective.
This successful cooperation is even more confirmed. Everywhere for the customer to consider, to meet the different needs of customers, in order to achieve maximum product value. And we as a professional manufacturer of vibration screening machine, to provide customers with a full range of technical support and quality products is our bounden duty.

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