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    Which limestone needs screening?

    1. For power plant desulphurization, for example: limestone manufacturers, broken material has a part of super-diameter particles;

    2. recovery of ground stone powder.

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    Slag dewatering

    The practical significance of power plant slag separation and the process flow and design scheme of slag dewatering, the successful case of slag dewatering process in the application of self-supplied power plant of Xinlianxin Fertilizer Company, the slag dewatering sieve has achieved zero discharge of slag water after production, and achieved energy saving effect. And economic and social benefits.

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    Material properties and characteristics:

    water content when high and low, coal quality is good and bad, coal contains gangue

    material crushing difficult problem: (such as sticky plugging, large amount of treatment, dust serious)

    1. High moisture content of coal, easy to stick to block equipment during crushing;

    2. Coal contains gangue, to hammer head or tooth plate wear more serious;

    3. The dust is heavy.

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    Coal slurry dewatering

    1, flotation tailings of coking coal preparation plant
    2, slime is produced by coal-water mixture
    3, the slime from mine drainage and gangue mountain watering washed down

    Characteristics of slime

    1, fine grain size, more particle content, especially less than 200 mesh particles accounted for about 70% to 90%.
    2, strong water holding capacity, high moisture content. The slime water content is generally more than 30% after sludge filtered by the disc vacuum filter. Folding belt filter dehydrated slime water content in 26% to 29%; the filter press dehydrated slime water content in 20% to 24%.
    3, Ash content is high, low calorific value. The slime can be divided into three categories according to the ash and calorific value: low ash coal ash is 20% to 32%, calorific value of 12.5 ~ 20MJ / kg; middle ash coal ash is 30% to 55% , calorific value of 8.4 ~ 12.5MJ / kg; high ash coal ash is > 55%, calorific value of 3.5 ~ 6.3MJ / kg.
    4, More sticky. As the slime generally contains more clay minerals, coupled with high moisture content, particle size composition is fine, so most of the slime viscosity, and some also have a certain mobility. Due to these characteristics, it is difficult to pile, store and transport slime. Especially in the stockpile, its shape is very unstable, water is lost, dry that is flying. The result is not only a waste of valuable coal resources, but also caused serious environmental pollution, and sometimes even constrained the normal production of coal preparation plant, a coal preparation plant a more difficult problem.

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    Dry mortar

    Dry mortar introduction

    Dry mortar refers to a granular or powdery form of dry-sieged aggregate (such as quartz sand), inorganic cementitious materials (such as cement) and additives (such as polymers), which are physically mixed in a certain proportion. It can be transported to the construction site in bag or bulk form. After mixing with water, the material can be used directly. Also known as mortar dry powder, dry mix, dry mix, some construction adhesives also fall into this category. Dry mortar plays a role in bonding, lining, protection and decoration in a thin layer in the construction industry. Construction and decoration engineering applications are extremely extensive.

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    Fine sand recycling machine

    Screening needs Information product description Fine sand recycling machine is the development of equipment for the slurry material dehydration, disengagement, deslimatization , the machine biggest…

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    Sludge dewatering system

    Sludge dewatering system includes slurry pump、dewater screen、 Cyclone and power supply system. Single set of systems can achieve grading、 leaching、dehydration,it can effectively reduce investment costs、operating costs.

    Applicable industry

    Pipe network sludge dewatering、river lake dredging、sewage pretreatment、Slag dewatering, mud treatment, construction mud, drilling mud dewatering, biochemical pool sewage treatment.
    Ganfu sludge dewatering system use special slurry pump to pump sewage to the dewater screen mesh surface , through the large-diameter polyurethane sieve, screen out the large pieces of gravel and others, the mud under the sieve through the cyclone high concentration, is transport to the fine screen surface, make the most of the fine sand dehydration dry row. The system can be added sprinkler device, to achieve the three effects of cleaning, grading, dehydration.

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    Potash feldspar dehydration

    Gaofu potash feldspar dewatering screen has less investment and energy consumption than filter press, which is convenient in operation and has a better effect than spiral classifier. It is the first choice of potash feldspar mineral separation and dehydration. Potash feldspar need to be graded after milling. The large particles back to the ball milling,the qualified particles is finished product through deferrization and dehydration.At present, most of the production of potash feldspar powder plant in the dehydration step use filter press or spiral classifier for dehydration treatment, but the filter press has a large investment and energy consumption, the finished product is in high water content after spiral classifier. In order to solve these problems, Gaofu company developed a new type of potash feldspar dehydration screen through cooperation, communication and practice with potash feldspar manufacturers. The dewatering screen is small investment, low energy consumption and convenient operation, is the first choice of the majority of potassium feldspar concentrator!

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    Washed sand

    Washing sand dewater screen install a special sprinkler system, the feed for multi-channel spray washing, so that the soil from the sand completely separated to ensure the smoothness of sand. The sand washing system can effectively reduce the amount of fine sand loss, so that it is controlled within 5% -10%,the maximum recyclable emissions of 85% of the fine particles of materials, with other equipment unparalleled technical and economic advantages, Can make the fine sand to be fully recovered, reducing the sedimentation tank, tailings of the workload, reducing the sedimentation tank cleaning costs. The treated fine sand by Sand washing system can meet the dry pile and transport requirements, is the first choice for the user to reduce production costs to improve the return on investment.

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