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Fine sand recycling machine


Kaolin, mud, Hydropower station of sand and gravel aggregate system, artificial sand, coarse slime, concrete mixing plant and other fine materials recycling and reusing

Recovery rate:
Finished grain size:
Application areas:
For mud purification, hydropower aggregate system, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand production line and coal preparation plant coarse coal slurry recovery

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product description


Fine sand recycling machine is the development of equipment for the slurry material dehydration, disengagement, deslimatization , the machine biggest feature is a good solution to the sand industry of the problem of fine sand loss. Fine sand recovery machine, also known as tail sand recovery machine, fine sand extraction machine, fine sand collection machine, sediment separator, mud separator, sand and water mixture treatment system.


Now most of the artificial sand production line, the basic use of wet production process, regardless of what kind of sand washing machine equipment, will cause more than 0.16mm sand loss, which not only the loss of serious, but also seriously affected Sand grading, resulting in unreasonable gradation, fineness modulus rough, greatly reducing the quality of the system of sand product quality. While too much fine sand emissions, but also cause environmental pollution.


In order to solve the above problems, our company has successfully developed a fine sand recycling machine, the equipment is the absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of sand powder and the design of the advanced level of fine material extraction equipment, widely used in hydropower station sandstone Material processing system, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand production line, coal preparation plant coarse coal slurry recovery and environmental protection project (mud purification), etc., can effectively solve the problem of sediment recovery.


working principle


Work process: The sand and water mixture is transported to the high pressure separator by Vacuum high pressure pump . The fine sand separated by centrifugal force is supplied to the vibrating screen through the sagging nozzle. The fine sand and the water are effectively separated by the dewater vibrating sieve. , Mud and so on by the return box and then back to the cleaning tank, when the cleaning tank liquid surface is higher than the outlet, the excess waste water back through the discharge port. Linear vibrating screen recycling material weight concentration of 70% -80%. Adjust the fineness modulus by changing the pump speed, change the mortar concentration, adjust the overflow water, replace the sand mouth to achieve. Thus completing the cleaning, dehydration and grading three functions.


vibrating screen


Characteristics and advantages


1, In the traditional artificial sand wet processing technology, artificial sand washing mud, dehydration using spiral sand washing machine, artificial sand (especially coarse sand) loss is almost impossible to control, the use of the fine sand recovery device, can effectively reduce the fine sand amount of loss, so that it is controlled within 5-10%, a good solution to the artificial aggregate processing system appears finished sand sponge modulus is high, low content of stone powder problems;
2, Vibrating screen install polyurethane screen, polyurethane screen than other types of screen life is longer, and not easy to plug;
3, Hydrocyclone lined with polyurethane, improve the service life of the entire device, can be successfully completed slurry concentration, liquid clarification and so on;
4, Fine sand recovery system maximum recyclable emissions of 85% of the total fine particulate materials, with other equipment unparalleled technical and economic advantages;
5, Fine particles are fully recovered, reducing the sedimentation tank of the amount of work, reducing the sedimentation tank cleaning costs;
6, Fine sand recycling system to reduce the natural material accumulation time, can be directly transported, supply the market;
7, According to the different requirements of users, design the corresponding solutions.


Sieve plate anti - blocking design


vibrating screen vibrating screen


Analysis on Investment Cost of Grain Recycling Machine


A small fine sand recycling machine investment price of about 7800USD, in the foundation treatment, installation and so basically do not need much cost, and manufacturers have professional and technical engineers on-site guidance to ensure the correct installation of equipment, debugging, and provide free production Technical training to ensure that customers can really real estate profits.


In the daily production, fine sand recycling machine does not require additional pre-processing materials, only put the waste slurry which is discharged from the sand washing machine as a feed to the sediment recovery machine. And the fine sand recovery machine using semi-closed system, the production process of water resources to achieve efficient recycling, so basically only equipment in the daily production of equipment maintenance and replacement parts costs, calculated by 3000USD one year.


Production efficiency of fine sand recovery machine


For the output of the sand recovery machine, the most direct is economic benefits, then we use a medium-sized sand production line for an analysis: sand washing machine waste water emissions by 100 tons / hour, the fine water Sand content by 8% (usually 5% -20%), the daily production time to an average of 8 hours, one year of normal work for 280 days, then the annual recovery of sand is about: 100 tons / hour * 8% * 8 Hour / day * 280 days = 17920 tons. Finished gravel material per ton of an average of 7dollar / ton, then the annual can be achieved 7dollar / ton * 17920 tons = 125440USD. Remove the annual equipment maintenance and accessories replacement , basically every year there have the effectiveness of 80000USD.


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