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Potash feldspar dehydration


Potash feldspar

12000 cubic meters
Mesh size:
20-200 mesh
Density :

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Gaofu potash feldspar dewatering screen has less investment and energy consumption than filter press, which is convenient in operation and has a better effect than spiral classifier. It is the first choice of potash feldspar mineral separation and dehydration. Potash feldspar need to be graded after milling. The large particles back to the ball milling,the qualified particles is finished product through deferrization and dehydration.At present, most of the production of potash feldspar powder plant in the dehydration step use filter press or spiral classifier for dehydration treatment, but the filter press has a large investment and energy consumption, the finished product is in high water content after spiral classifier. In order to solve these problems, Gaofu company developed a new type of potash feldspar dehydration screen through cooperation, communication and practice with potash feldspar manufacturers. The dewatering screen is small investment, low energy consumption and convenient operation, is the first choice of the majority of potassium feldspar concentrator!


Sieve plate anti - blocking design


vibrating screen vibrating screen


Potash feldspar processing process


vibrating screen Gaofu dewatering screen is used for the classification and dehydration of potash feldspar. Classification part can be configured with the appropriate aperture sieve plate according to the requirements of the beneficiation factory. The sieve plate is made of polyurethane lined with steel. It is very solid, wearable and long service life, and will not pollute the material. The particles on the screen return to the ball mill, and the particles under the screen are removed from the iron. Dewater screen is used for dewatering process of potassium feldspar, refers to the last step of potash feldspar after iron treatment. The potash feldspar, which is removed from the iron, is dehydrated by a dewater screen. After screening, the potash feldspar powder contains about 20% of the water can be dried or packed. Under the screen underflow sedimentation in the sedimentation tank, and then into the dewatering screen for dehydration, after this step, the material on the screen surface water is behind 20%, which can be meet the requirements of dry stacking and transport, and the material under screen can be discharged into the sedimentation tank for settlement.



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