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Potash Feldspar Concentrator In Quanzhou,Fujian


Potash feldspar

Equipment configuration:
  • 脱水筛

    GFVD Dewatering Screen

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In the production of potassium feldspar powder in a potassium feldspar concentrator in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the technology is that the slag and water are separated by the screw separator, but the water content of the finished product is too high to dry the pile. Later, after investigation and experiments, the vibrating dehydration screen of our company was selected to replace the spiral separator. The finished potassium feldspar was dehydrated by the vibrating dehydration screen and the moisture content was 20%, so that the dry pile effect was achieved. In addition, the fine sand that was lost when using spiral separator was selected, so that the recovery rate of finished product was increased, and the economic benefit of high clothes dehydration screen was far higher than that of the original spiral separator.

Through the cooperation with the mineral concentrator, we listen to the valuable opinions of the products, sum up the experience and improve the technology. We can design the dehydration screen according to the customers' requirements, and make the dehydration screen products more suitable for each factory.Welcome to the vast number of concentrators home calls exchange!


  • 脱水筛

    GFVD Dewatering Screen


  • Tailings dry row

  • Washed sand

  • Potash feldspar dehydration

  • 城市污水脱水

    Sludge dewatering system

  • 细砂回收机

    Fine sand recycling machine

  • coal slurry dewatering

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