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Granular Square Sieve

Why Choose Granular Square Sieve

Detailed classification: According to the particularity of each material, special screens are formulated to prevent clogging, blocking and jamming, and the screening output is increased

High efficiency: The unique amplitude and frequency design method prevents dry pills from breaking, wet pills from deforming, and the particles and powders are separated more thoroughly

Low energy and high output: Low energy consumption, high output, easy to operate, easy to clean, fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge, suitable for assembly line production


Why is granular square sieve more suitable for you?

  • Smooth production line Fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge
  • High output According to the particularity of each material, special screens are formulated to prevent clogging
  • High screening accuracy Used in conjunction with the feeder, the materials enter the screening machine evenly
  • High efficiency Unique amplitude and frequency design prevents dry pills from breaking and wet pills from deforming

These industries have chosen granular square sieve

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, other industries, etc.

The granular square sieve works very well on these materials!

Screening of granular materials in food, pharmaceutical and biological industries such as freeze-dried food (apple slices, strawberries, grapes, dried fruits and vegetables), bread crumbs, coconut granules, granules, dripping pills, honey pills, filled capsules and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Model Dimensions(mm) Material Size(mm) Angle(°) Amplitude (mm) Layer(s) Power(kW)
GFP-515 500×1500 0.25~15 0°~7° 1~8 1~3 2x(0.15~0.25)
GFP-520 500×2000 2x(0.15~0.25)
GFP-615 600×1500 2x(0.15~0.25)
GFP-620 600×2000 2x(0.25~0.4)
GFP-820 800×2000 2x(0.4~1.1)
GFP-825 800×2500 2x(0.75~1.1)

working principle

GFP series granular square screen is a quick-detachable linear vibrating screen designed and manufactured by Gaofu Company for the high-end requirements of food, pharmaceutical and other industries. It can effectively remove agglomerates and fine powder caused by the production process to ensure uniform and complete particles. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high output, easy operation, easy cleaning, fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge, and is suitable for 24-hour assembly line production.

These companies are using granular square sieve
  • Chemical
  • Biological
  • Food
  • Metal powder
  • New energy
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Pharmaceutical

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