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Tumbler Screen

Why choose Gaofu tumbler screen

High capacity: Can achieve five-layer high-yield screening

High efficiency: Visible sieving efficiency and product yield

Low noise: Due to the simple modular design and low-speed operation, the noise  is always ≤ 60~70Db, ensuring smooth and quiet operation;

Dust-proof operation: Do not require any auxiliary devices for air purification or dust collection other than the existing ventilation system on site. The system equip with airtight and vacuum designs, as well as chlorine purification, etc.

Why is Gaofu tumbler screen?

  • High-yield screening  Capable of screening 6 particle sizes
  • High efficiency  Low-frequency screening effectively reduces breakage of fragile materials
  • Precise classification Tough modular design, no dead corners, low part weights
  • Convenient operation Up to 100% availability in 24h operation with few maintenance requirements
  • Reduce material damage  Used in various situations where particle damage is prohibited
  • Reduce maintenance time  Ensure continuous operation of equipment at full load 7*24 hours
  • Low noise  The noise of GFBD swing screen is always maintained at 60~70Db
  • Dust-proof operating system  Can come with air-tight and vacuum design

These industries have chosen Gaofu Tumbler Screen

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, other industries, etc.

Gaofu tumbler vibrating screen works very well for these materials!

Citric acid, milk powder, starch, sugar, vitamins, spices, tea, feed, plastics, rubber, chemical fertilizers, sugar and salt industry, renewable resources, EPS, PVI, PVC, resin, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model Dia.(mm) Area(㎡) Angle(°) Layer(s) Power
GFBD-600 Φ600 0.21 0-10 1-5 0.75
GFBD-1000 Φ1000 0.66 0-10 1-5 1.1
GFBD-1200 Φ1200 0.98 0-10 1-5 2.2
GFBD-1600 Φ1600 1.81 0-10 1-5 4
GFBD-2000 Φ2000 2.8 0-10 1-5 5.5
GFBD-2400 Φ2400 4.15 0-10 1-5 5.5
GFBD-2600 Φ2600 5.31 0-10 1-5 5.5
GFBD-3200 Φ3200 7.5 0-10 1-5 11

These companies are using Gaofu tumbler screen
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Biological
  • Metal powder
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • New energy
  • Pharmaceutical

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