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Anhui Tory Materials Technology Inc

Material:Glass bead

Mesh size:0.6-9mm
Required equipment:Linear screen, rotary screen, swing screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen

Site situation:

Anhui Tuoli engineering materials technology co., Ltd is located in Bengbu high-tech development zone of china's non-metallic material science and technology base. It is a scientific and technological enterprise that mainly develops and produces new traffic safety materials and related products Long time with the American Highway Association, the United States paint Alliance and other domestic and foreign authorities to maintain close cooperation, is the largest company specializing in road glass bead.Because of the variety of glass beads and the complexity of production process, screening and high temperature transportation become a big problem. A set of transportation and screening scheme has been specially made for it, which has solved this old problem for customers.

Custom evaluation:

Because our glass beads are spherical in structure and the size spacing of each finished product is too small, the problem of screening accuracy has always been a headache for us, but high clothing depends on its screening experience and technology. Specially made a screening equipment for us, to help us easily solve this screening problem. In addition, the transport of high-temperature glass beads is the biggest headache in this industry, because the temperature of conveying can sometimes reach 600-700 degrees. With ordinary conveying equipment, plates and motors can not be satisfied at all. And high clothes with a wealth of experience with us to overcome this problem.

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