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Chengde Shuanghui Activated Carbon

Material:Shell activated carbon

Mesh size:80mesh-300mesh
Required equipment:Rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, horizontal airflow vibrating screen.

Site situation:

Chengde Shuang Hui Active Carbon Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise in China to use abandoned fruit shell resources, as raw material, to produce high quality fruit shell activated carbon, and has a wide range of uses. For their different uses, types and different forms of activated carbon, we have formulated different screening schemes for them to improve the product essence. Degree, solving the working environment of the workers.。

Custom evaluation:

The accuracy of activated carbon used in water purification equipment is very high, and activated carbon will produce a lot of floating dust in the process of crushing or granulating, which brings a lot of trouble to the application of activated carbon, and dust removal is also the most headache problem in our industry. Moreover, the finer the activated carbon, the more difficult it will be to remove floating dust. The choice of a high-service custom-made ultra-fine activated carbon sieve machine has completely solved this problem. The 200 mesh activated carbon that has been sifted has been placed on white paper and put back on it. White paper or clean, can reach this level, high clothing for us to do the equipment program is really good, thank you for the high clothing intentions and professional!

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