Taishan Fiberglass - Xinxiang Gaofu Machinery Co., Ltd

Taishan Fiberglass

Material:Glass fibre

Mesh size:200mesh-500mesh
Required equipment:Ultrasonic screening

Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. is one of the top five glass fiber manufacturing enterprises in the world and one of the three largest glass fiber manufacturing enterprises in China. The total amount of glass fiber and its products has reached 720000 tons per year at present. Because of the wide range of products it produces, there are many kinds of fibres. The precision and requirements of the fiber used in precision electrical appliances are particularly strict and the screening is very difficult. Some ordinary screening machines selected by customers have been unable to meet the precision and output requirements. At present, we use the ultrasonic screening system specially made by our company, which not only meets the precision demand,but also solves the working environment of the workers, improves the working efficiency and meets the needs of customers in many aspects.

Costom evaluation:

For 300 mesh of fine fiberglass, we find it very difficult to separate them according to their length. Moreover, no manufacturer should be able to solve this medium and difficult task. Gaofu requires us to bring materials to test the machine. When I went there, I also held the mind of trying. I did not think that Gaofu could solve the problem for us at all. However, after arriving at the scene, Gaofu made a special test plan for us, which perfectly solved our screening problem. Has made a great contribution to the smooth implementation of our new project.

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