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Chinese medicine pill


Chinese medicine pill

Mesh size:
Required equipment:

GFZX Granule Pills Vibrating Screen

Equipment configuration:
  • GFZX Granule Sifting Machine

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Chinese medicine pill process


Chinese medicine pill is the traditional Chinese medicine preparation of the traditional dosage forms, the production of the Chinese herbal medicine by crushing, sieve, sterilization, ingredients, mixing, lump, pills, drying, packaging and other processes made, due to the requirements of the product more and more the higher the post-dry pills need to be sieved again, evenly classified, packaged in the same size and price will expensive.


Chinese medicine pill screening purposes


Remove the spheronizer after the pill like a conjoined twins, the size of the pill to ensure that the pill is uniform and complete.


Introduction of GFZX Granule Pills Vibrating Screen


GFZX granule pill vibrating screen is a Xinxiang Gaofu company engaged in medical screening equipment design and manufacture of years of experience wisdom crystallization, the use of sieve machine box body by the motor shaft rotation traction to produce the principle of circular motion, pellet material rolling on the screen surface, Less than the mesh of the pellets through the hole, the larger than the mesh particles directly discharged particles. The entire process of material balance and smooth rolling, almost no damage, and even wet pills screening can also play the same effect.


Wet and dry pills, granules, a multi-purpose machine

Efficient removal of dripping pills, honey pill, granule granules, filling capsules and other granular materials within the slag and fine powder


Do not blog the screen, to ensure that sieve production

According to the special nature of various materials, product the special screens, do not blog screen, to ensure the sieve production increased.


Dry pills are not damaged, wet pills are not deformed

Unique amplitude and vibration frequency design, so that dry pills are not broken, wet pills are not deformed to ensure that the particles are uniform and complete

Characteristics of GFZX Granule Pills Vibrating Screen


1. With the feeder with the use of materials even into the sieve, the material sieve more accurate.
2. According to the specificity of each material, the produce of special screens, do not block the screen, sieve production increased.
3. The unique amplitude and vibration frequency design, so that dry pills are not broken, wet pills are not deformed, the powder particles more thoroughly.
4. Pellet pill vibrating screen low energy consumption, high yield, easy operation, good cleaning, fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge, suitable for assembly line production.



  • 饮片

    Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • 原料药

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API)

  • 中药丸剂

    Chinese medicine pill

  • 中药颗粒

    Chinese medicine formula particles

  • 中药粉

    Chinese medicine powder

  • 药丸


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