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Flour Dust-free Feeding System

Avoid contamination: Transport flour from bulk warehouse directly to food processing enterprise powder warehouse via tanker

Reduce labor force: Two people can complete the screen replacement

Can realize continuous and clean production

Applicable industry

Food industry

Why is the flour dust-free feeding system?

  • Reduce safety hazards From the flour bulk warehouse directly to the enterprise powder warehouse
  • Reduce costs and losses Using bulk flour can reduce workers’ labor intensity, and two people can complete the screen change
  • Safe screening Online air flow screening, effectively remove impurities, insects, etc.
  • Systematic operation Materials circulate through pneumatic conveying in the pipeline, enabling continuous production

These industries have chosen flour dust-free feeding system

Food industry

Gaofu flour dust-free feeding system works very well on these materials!

Dumplings, steamed buns, noodles, bread, puffed foods, etc.

Technical Parameters

Economic benefit advantage

If calculated based on the annual requirement of a medium-sized food processing enterprise of 20,000 tons of flour, the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 3.6 million yuan per year. The total cost savings are as follows (yuan/ton of powder)

Serial No. Project General cost loss Higher cost loss Average cost loss
1 Packing fee 7 10 9
2 Palletizing into warehouse 9 11 10
3 Loading into warehouse 10 12 11
4 Packaging bag cost 70 90 80
5 Food factory unloading costs 20 24 22
6 Feeding cost 20 24 22
7 Wear and tear cost 20 32 26
8 Total 156 203 180

These companies are using flour dust-free feeding system
  • Food
  • Fortune 500 companies

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