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Straight Sieve

Why choose straight sieve

Strong ability: tight sealing, no liquid leakage, no dust flying

High efficiency: Can be connected in series to the production line system, with low energy consumption and 24-hour continuous production

Easy to clean: Easy to clean inside and outside, no sanitary dead corners, in line with the standards for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Easy to operate: The unique structure and mesh frame design improves the durability of the screen, makes screen replacement within 5 minutes, and is easy to disassemble and assemble


Why is the straight sieve more suitable for you?

  • High efficiency Can be connected in series to the production line system for automated operation and 24-hour continuous production.
  • GMP standard Easy to clean inside and outside, no sanitary dead corners, use in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Low noise Ultra-quiet bass design, normal 70 decibels
  • Save manpower The equipment has a flat design, is small in size and is easy to move

These industries have chosen straight sieve

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, metal, metallurgical mining, non-metal industry, other industries, etc.

The straight sieve works very well on these materials!

Flour, starch, milk powder, additives, carbon black (white carbon black), quartz powder (sand), mica, fluorescent powder, feldspar powder, kaolin, silica black soil, fly ash, glass beads, environmental protection, plastics, magnetic materials, building materials, mining, kiln industry, feed, condiments, fish meal, rice flour, flour, soybean meal, milk powder, egg powder, starch, sugar, fruit juice, Western medicine powder, Chinese medicine powder, pharmaceutical intermediates, pearls powder, soda ash, polyethylene, resin powder (PVC, epoxy), washing powder, auxiliaries, paint, dyes, pigments, rubber, coatings, alloy powder, gold powder, silver powder, copper powder, aluminum powder, nickel powder, chromium powder, magnesium powder, zinc powder, barium powder, vanadium powder, titanium powder, strontium powder, lead powder, foundry sand, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model Power
SZS-600 2×0.18 1460 Φ560 1150×600×550
SZS-800 2×0.18 1460 Φ760 1360×800×600
SZS-1000 2×0.25 1460 Φ930 1600×1000×700
SZS-1200 2×0.55 1460 Φ1160 2000×1200×900
SZS-1500 2×0.75 1460 Φ1430 2350×1500×1000

working principle

The straight sieve adopts high-frequency vibration motor as the excitation source. After the material enters the system, it undergoes a three-dimensional rotational movement on the screen surface due to the force of the vibration source. The flour and agglomeration fully dispersed, rapid through mesh directly to the lower silo. Foreign matter and impurities are separated and discharged to the slag discharge port, the machine play the role of “safety officer” on the production line.

These companies are using straight sieve
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Biological
  • Metal powder
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • New energy
  • Pharmaceutical

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