Copper powder screening

Copper powder screening solution

Solution introduction

Copper powder obtained by reduction reaction of copper oxide. Fine reduced copper powder with an average particle size of about 10 μm is difficult to prepare high-performance products through the injection molding process due to its irregular powder shape and high residual oxygen content. This study found that using a larger amount of backbone polymers as the basis The multi-component binder can overcome the severe friction between powders caused by irregular powder shapes, and smoothly injection mold this fine
reduced copper powder. During sintering, if the residual oxides in the powder can be effectively removed before the sintering holes are closed, If proper insulation is provided at a temperature below 900°C, the sintered density of the injection molded component can be as high as 95% of the theoretical density. Under this condition, the conductivity of the injection molded component can reach 80% of the conductivity of pure copper. %above.

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Copper powder production process

The electrolytic copper powder production process flow is:

Electrolytic copper plate - smelting - electrolysis - powder washing - vacuum drying - grading - batching - packaging.

The production process of low bulk density water atomized copper powder is:

Electrolytic copper plate - smelting - water atomization - vacuum drying - high temperature oxidation - crushing - reduction - grading - batching - packaging.

The production process flow of imitation gold-copper alloy powder is:

Copper and other raw materials - ingredients - atomization - transformation - ultrafine crushing and classification - polishing - finished product.

Types and applications of copper powder

Raw and auxiliary materials: mainly pure copper ingots and some high-purity copper alloy scraps.

High-purity copper powder for catalysts: mainly used as auxiliary materials for coal-to-liquids. The market is mainly in Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, and coal-to-liquids projects have developed rapidly in recent years.

Thermal conductive copper powder: Mainly used in cooling modules such as laptops, LEDs, and mobile phones. The main markets are the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions.

Bronze powder for powder metallurgy: Bronze series powder metallurgy oil-containing bearings have been popularized since 1920. Due to their special structure, there is no need to consume lubricating oil during movement. They are very suitable for situations where oil supply is difficult and lubricating oil contamination is avoided. It has now become an indispensable part for the development of automobiles, home appliances, audio equipment, office equipment, precision machinery, power tools, etc.

Uses of copper powder

Diamond tools

Metallurgical products

Friction material

Electric carbon products

Ceramic pigments

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