Powder pneumatic conveying

Pastry feeding system

Material: Flour, powdered sugar, etc.

Capacity: 150kg

Why is the biscuit powder supply system?

  • Save labor 1 person adds ingredients and 1 person mixes dough
  • Environmental friendly Sealed pipeline transportation, no dust leakage
  • SafetyNew process pipeline sealing connection, dust-free and safer

These industries have chosen feeding system

Gaofu feeding system works very well on these materials!

Pastry feeding system process

Powder pneumatic conveying System interpretation
● The system consists of a feeding station, a buffer storage bin, a vacuum feeder, a pulse dust collector, a weighing bin, etc.

● The dust-free feeding and vacuum feeding machine lifts the flour and powdered sugar into the buffer bin, and then performs online weighing through positive pressure to realize the weighing of 30-60 kg white sugar into the mixing tank and mix for 60-90S, then add 50-90 kg flour and mix for 8 minutes to repeat the operation.

Pastry feeding system scene

Powder pneumatic conveying

Comparison of new technology and old technology

Item Description Save
Artificial New technology can save 4 people;
The new process only needs: 1 person for feeding, 1 person for beating, saving 1 person for noodle delivery, 1 person for sesame and sugar, 1 person for operator, 1 person for batching;
It can save 240,000 yuan of labor cost every year; (solve the problem of difficult recruitment)
According to the per capita 5,000 yuan/month, 4 people * 5,000 yuan * 12 = 240,000 yuan;
Environmental protection The new technology connects each equipment with pipelines, and the whole process is dust-free, meets environmental protection A-level requirements, and does not stop production throughout the year;
The old technology is dusty, and there is a hidden danger of dust explosion.
Can avoid more than 2.5 million losses;
For example: the old craft needs to stop production when the red and orange warnings are issued. If the production is stopped for 50 days, the loss will be 2.5 million;
The hidden danger of dust explosion is not calculated;
Safety New process pipeline sealed connection, no dust and safer; Dust from old technology can easily cause dust explosion.

These companies are using feeding system
  • Food
  • Fortune 500 companies

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