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BTS Bar Screen


Coal, mining, metallurgy, building materials, electricity, water conservancy, light industry and chemical industry.


Coal, limestone, gravel, grit, metal or non-metallic ore and other materials.


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Whole Machine With Big Intensity
High Screen Efficiency
Wide Application
Structure is simple, compact and beautiful appearance, the whole machine intensity and the ministries strength is big; small relative volume, light weight, it is easy for the system technology layout. Big relative capacity, less energy consumption and not easy to block, bar screen is particularly suitable for high moisture, viscous material screening. Suitable for coal, mining, metallurgy, building materials, electric power, water conservancy, light industry and chemical industry, classify the block and small and medium-sized particulate material.
Mature & Perfect Equipment
Full Model Specifications
Easy to install
Combined with the application and extension of mines and coal industries, the design is more mature and perfect. It has the characteristics of strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, low noise and economical use, etc. Bar screen has two types of open and closed, suitable for different operating environments, single layer and multi-layer screen surface structure, running track with a straight line and round models and specifications, etc. Installation and commissioning convenient, stable and reliable operation; Bar screen power supply have voltage 380V and 660V, confirm the voltage format and whether with the explosion-proof requirements.


Working Principle

When BTS bar screen work, the exciting force generated by the vibration exciter through the screen box to pass through to the screen surface, because the exciter vibration force generated by the longitudinal force, fForcing the sieve box to drive the sieve surface to make longitudinal before and after displacement. Under certain conditions, the material on the screen surface is thrown forward due to the exciting force, and the material smaller than the screen hole will fall down through the screen to the lower layer. The BTS bar vibrating screen material’s movement on the screen surface is parabolic, and the bar vibrating screen performs the material screening operation due to such repeated movement of the material.


Bar screen


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