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Square Swing Screen


Chemical and new materials, metallurgy, mineral powder, food, abrasives and other industries


Dry powder mortar, machine-made sand, natural sand, quartz sand, perlite, dolomite, calcite, potash feldspar and other powders and minerals
Metal powder, mineral powder, abrasive, refractory material, plastic masterbatch, soda ash, urea, ceramsite
Sugar, salt, feed, etc.


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One machine divided into more groups
Six level classification
New technology
Unique multi-layer classification design, one machine is divided into two or more groups, one machine can be used for multiple machines, and the output is doubled. Up to 5 times unit area output; accurate to six level separation, and the screening efficiency is as high as 90%-99%. Large-scale electrostatic spraying process, the equipment is more beautiful, wear-resistant and anti-rust, noise lower than 75 dB, optimized weight management and balance, low dynamic load on the foundation.
Longer life
Convenient operation
Environmental protection
Flexible screening, the acceleration is 4-5 times lower than ordinary vibrating screens, and the service life is increased, thereby reducing maintenance costs. Changing the screen is more convenient, easy to operate, firm and reliable. Fully enclosed structure, no dust flying, small vibration and low noise of the screen machine, improve the working environment of the workshop and meet the environmental protection requirements.


Product intrduction

Square swing screen is a high-efficiency screening equipment specially designed for high precision and large output. It is widely used in chemical, non-ferrous metals, food, quartz sand, abrasive and other industries.The screen mesh frame and the screen mesh installation method adopt a unique and innovative design, and the installation is very convenient.Usually 9-layer design,can be divided into 10 grades at one time,or 4 layers + 4 layers equivalent to 2 sets sieve machine, or 2 layers + 2 layers + 2 layers equivalent to 3 sets sieve machine or designed as 1 layer + 1layer + 1 layer + 1 layer + 1 layer is equivalent to 5 sets sieve machines.

Working Principle

From the point of view of the trajectory of the screen box, which is the screen box, the square swing screen is also called the arc screen. The vibration force generated by the drive device is an inertial force that changes in a certain direction around a fixed axis, and its essence is The reciprocating inertial force formed by the rotation of the eccentric wheel around the fixed axis. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the square rocking vibrating screen, the screen surface is generally horizontal or slightly inclined (the inclination angle is 0°~5°). After the screen machine is started, the shaking body of the screen machine, namely the screen box, will reciprocate back and forth under the action of inertial force. The screen box drives the screen surface to periodically shake, so that the material on the screen surface will move with the screen box in a directional jumping motion. During this period, the physical materials smaller than the screen surface aperture fall to the lower layer through the screen holes and become under-the-screen objects. The materials larger than the screen surface aperture are discharged from the discharge port after continuous tumbling and jumping motion, thereby completing the screening work. Gyratory Sifter


Model Screen size(m) Sieve area(㎡) Angle(°) Layer(s) Power(kW) Numbers of revolutions Screen box stroke(mm)
HXS-1536 1.5m*3.5m 5.25 5.43±3 1~10 5.5 180-260 60-25
HXS-1836 1.8m*3.5m 6.3 5.43±3 5.5 180-260 60-25
HXS-2040 2.0m*4.0m 8 5.43±3 7.5 180-260 60-25



  • GZS Roller Sieve

  • 概率筛

    GLS Probability Screen

  • Environmental vibrating screen

  • BTS棒条筛

    BTS Bar Screen

  • ZSG Heavy Vibrating Screen

  • 脱水筛

    GFVD Dewatering Screen


  • 石英砂

    Quartz sand

  • 机制砂

    Mechanism sand

  • 机制砂

    Dry mortar

  • 石灰石筛分


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