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GZS Roller Sieve


boiler coal screening, coal chemical coal screening, coal washing plant screening


bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, coal gangue


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Separate drive
Flexible without jamming
Boiler for coal-fired crushing
Each screen shaft is independently driven by a motor reducer, that is, each set of screen shafts is provided with a set of driving devices. Each screen shaft rotates in the same direction and has overload capacity. The rotating parts can rotate flexibly, and there is no jamming phenomenon. Suitable for boiler coal combustion system and coal mine coal preparation system, pre-screening coal particle size.
Multi-angle screen shaft
Coupling connection
Plum-shaped sieve
The screen axis is reasonably arranged at multiple angles. The angle between the screen axis and the horizontal at the entrance of the equipment is 15°, and the angle between the screen axis and the horizontal at the exit section is 5°, so that the coal layer is evenly distributed after entering the equipment. The reducer and the roller screen coupling are connected by elastic pin coupling; the failure of any group of screen shafts will not affect the normal operation of the equipment. The wearing parts such as screen shaft and screen are easy to replace; the screen adopts plum-shaped screen, and the staggered arrangement is not only conducive to the transportation of coal, but also can reduce the dead angle formed by adjacent screen shafts and avoid jamming.


The GZS roller sieve produced by Gaofu Co., Ltd. is one of the important equipment for boiler coal combustion system and coal mine coal preparation system. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, and coal systems, and is well received. The screen surface of the GZS roller screen is composed of many rollers arranged in parallel and staggered with screen discs on them. The rollers are rotated by sprockets or gears, and their rotation direction is the same as the material flow direction. In order to loosen the material layer on the sieve to facilitate the sieving, the shape of the sieve tray is eccentric and special-shaped. In order to prevent the material from sticking to the screen shaft, a safety device is installed.

Working Principle

Since the screen shafts are arranged according to different working angles, the speed of the material is faster when the material is running at a position with a higher working angle; the speed is slower when the material is running at a position with a lower working angle. The materials running at two different speeds start to move axially when they meet at a certain position on the screen surface. The screen surface can evenly arrange the material layers and effectively improve the screening efficiency.


Roller Sieve

Model Capacity(t/h) Input size(mm) Output size(mm) NO. of axes Power(kW) Weight(kg)
GFGZS-0806 100~200 200 10~30 6 16 6000
GFGZS-0808 100~200 200 10~30 8 21 7000
GFGZS-1006 150~300 200 10~30 6 18 7000
GFGZS-1008 150~300 200 10~30 8 21 8000
GFGZS-1010 150~300 200 10~30 10 25 9500
GFGZS-1012 150~300 200 10~20 12 30 11000
GFGZS-1208 200~400 200 10~30 8 27 12000
GFGZS-1210 200~400 200 10~30 10 35 13000
GFGZS-1212 200~400 200 10~30 12 40 15000

Roll sieve
Roll sieve
Roll sieve


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