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Environmental vibrating screen


Commercial concrete batching plant, asphalt batching plant, dry-mixed mortar batching plant


Grading of various stone powders and mineral powders such as sand aggregate, dry mortar, machine-made sand, natural sand, quartz sand, perlite, dolomite, calcite, potassium feldspar, etc.


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Intelligent adjustment
High screening accuracy
large capacity
Through the working conditions and environmental changes, intelligently adjust the operating parameters of the equipment. Automatic start and stop, state stability monitoring and control, reliable operation, controllable faults. New vibration principle, fine materials do not block holes, reduce screen mesh maintenance costs; can screen more than 4 kinds of materials, high screening accuracy. Adopting the structure of small amplitude, high frequency and large inclination angle, the machine has high screening efficiency and large capacity.
Reduced energy consumption
Green Environmental friendly
External insulation layer
Precise structure design, energy consumption reduced by 40%, energy saving and cost reduction, one unit is worth more unit; maintenance-free vibration motor, saves time and effort. Fully enclosed structure design, environmentally friendly operation, no dust; stable operation, low noise, reduce interference to the outside world. External insulation layer can effectively reduce the heat loss of materials during the screening process.

Working Principle

Introduction of environmental vibrating screen

The DCB environmental protection screen series vibrating screen adopts the reverse self-synchronizing driving mode of two vibration motors, which has better stability. The screen is fixed with a positioning pin at one end. The hook plate at the other end is tightened and fastened. Its unique screen fixing form makes the screen replacement extremely convenient and fast.


Model Screen mesh(mm) Power(kW) Motor model Screen inclination(°) Double amplitude(mm) Layer
DCB1640 0.6-25 2.9×2 MVE 6500/1 22-38 6-8 2-5
DCB1840 2.9×2 MVE 6500/1 2-5
DCB2050 6.8×2 MVE 11400/1 2-5
DCB2256 9.0×2 MVE 14800/1 2-5
DCB2565 7.5×4 MVE 13000/1 2-5
2FCB1640 5.0×2 MVE 9000/1 (1-2)×2
2FCB1840 5.0×2 MVE 9000/1 (1-2)×2
2FCB2050 6.8×2 MVE 11400/1 (1-2)×2
2FCB2256 9.0×2 MVE 14800/1 (1-2)×2
2FCB2565 7.5×4 MVE 13000/1 (1-2)×2



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