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Ton Bag Feeding Station

Applicable industry

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, metal, metallurgical mining, non-metal industry, other industries, etc.

Applicable materials

Suitable for various powdery materials

Product Advantage

  • Closedness Unloading large bags of packaging materials in a closed production system
  • Easy to operate It is easy to transport the ton bags to the unpacking station with an electric hoist or forklift.
  • Flexibility Materials can be taken in small quantities and multiple times, and can be used as a storage silo
  • High efficiencyCan be made according to explosion-proof requirements and customized according to customer site

Applicable industry

In the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and metallurgical industries, large bags of dry powder and granular materials such as plastic resins and food additives are unpacked and unloaded.

Working principle

The ton bag unloader lifts the ton bag packaging materials to the feeding port, and after manually disassembling the packaging bag feeding port,open the flow control valve and the attached vibrating discharge device to cause the powdery and granular materials in the packaging bag to fall into the hopper below by its own weight.

Application fields

This equipment is suitable for unpacking and unloading dry powder and granular materials such as plastic resin and food additives in large bags in the fields of plastics, rubber, food, medicine, chemical industry, etc.

These companies are using ton bag feeding station
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Metal powder
  • Biological
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • New energy
  • Pharmaceutical

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