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Sand Washing Plant Dehydration in Yulin Shanxi

Material:washed-out sand

Mesh size:1mm-200mesh
Equipment configuration:GFVD Dewatering Screen

In a sand and stone factory in Yulin, Shanxi Province, the sand washing equipment used in the past has invested millions of dollars, but there is no suitable equipment to select the sand, so the benefit cannot be produced. After the equipment was updated, a dehydration screen was installed after the mixer. The sand and water were first stirred in the mixer, and then the dehydration screen was put into the dehydration screen. The sand was separated from the muddy water. The washed sand was selected, and the water was recycled after the mud water was settled. The sand has also met the requirements of the building manufacturers, and the economic benefits immediately came into being.

Custom evaluation:

the occupied area is small , and the civil engineering is not needed ;the production efficiency is high , the slag water is automatically separated and discharged , can be continuously produced for 24 hours , and the manual operation is free ;low energy consumption , less maintenance points and low running cost ;the wearing part has long service life and low maintenance cost ;simple structure , convenient operation and no professional operation , and the economic benefit brought by the Gaofu dewatering screen is far higher than that of the original spiral sand washing machine .

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