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Secondary Mineral Separation After The Screw Separator Of Barite Mine


Capacity:12000cubic meters/day
Equipment configuration:GFVD Dewatering Screen

In the dressing of barite in Liuzhou, Guangxi, due to the high mud content of barite, it is necessary to wash mud by adding water and washing mud with helical separator first, and then separate the finished barite from muddy water. The disadvantages of dressing with spiral separator are: Only large barite ore can be selected, and about 20% of fine ore flows away with muddy water, which makes barite ore can not be fully recovered, resulting in waste of resources. After the equipment was renewed, the dehydration screen was installed after the screw separator, so that the mud water out of the water could be reprocessed by the dehydration screen twice,,and 2400 cubic meters of barite could be extracted from 12000 cubic meters of mud water treated daily, and the economic benefit was greatly improved.

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