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Chengde 3000t Iron Tailings Treatment

Material:Iron tailings dehydration

Equipment configuration:GFVD Dewatering Screen

A certain iron ore plant in Chengde belongs to the old line reconstruction project of 3000t / d iron tailings. The iron tailings are produced 24 hours a day, and the tailings concentration is 20. The pulp size is coarse than 100 mesh and contains about 70%. The dry sieve can be used to extract more than 85% dry ore quantity. After dry discharge, the water content of the tailings is less than 15%, the bottom flow can be reused through the sedimentation, and a few of the tailings enter the tailings reservoir. The dry sieve of upper tailings can save more than 30% of water resources, increase the storage capacity of tailings by more than 30%, and can also save the slurry pump.

Before a certain iron ore plant in Chengde is an old line reconstruction project, under the pressure of national environmental protection, many mining industries need to deal with the tailings slurry dry row in order to respond to the national environmental protection policy and avoid the hidden danger of safety brought by the tailings pool. Many mining industries think of the need to invest tens of millions of equipment and civil construction as soon as they mention tailings dry drainage. Because of the large investment of tailings dry drainage and the high operating cost, many mining industries have been unable to implement dry drainage technology for a long time. In fact, as long as we have some understanding of the tailings properties and choose a reasonable dry row scheme for different size tailings slurry and properties, we can reduce the investment in equipment as far as possible. For example, the tailings can be achieved by using tailings dry sieve. Purpose of dry drainage and backwater utilization.

Backwater return

The amount of tailings treated daily (containing water and tailings) is 15000t / d, after dry discharge treatment, the tailings and water are taken away at 5000 t / d, and 10000 tons of water are left. Originally, the tailings reservoir can be recovered by 50 tons, and now it can be recovered by 80, and more than 30000 pieces. The dry tailings drainage can save water resources 15000-5000* (0.8-0.5) 3000 tons / day. According to the water price of 0.8 yuan / ton, the price of water is 3 000 yuan / day, 2 400 yuan per day, 300 days of work a year, 2 400 million yuan / ton, and 720000 yuan of water resources can be saved in one year.

Coarse sand return

Dry discharge of 2550 tons of coarse sand per ton, 10 yuan per ton of profits, 300-day work in a year 2550,500,000000 yuan per year, 7.65 million yuan per year return on coarse sand. However, 3000t/d iron tailings only need to invest about 1.2 million yuan to use tailings dry sieve.

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