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Crushing granularity:10mm

As one of the world's leading producers of board paper and pulp, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities, particularly in the area of environmental protection. In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by papermaking sludge, Liwen papermaking adopts the method of mixing coal and burning paper sludge to treat the sludge. When wet sludge is mixed into coal, dry coal becomes wet coal with high viscosity.
The original use of paper power plant is a ring hammer crusher, not only the size of coal not guaranteed, but also sticky plug can not run, maintenance personnel will start to take coal, hard dirty need not be said!

In 2013, Liwen papermaking learned and decisively transformed into GaoFu tooth roller crusher! The coal shredder has the function of scraping each other relative to the differential speed of two rollers, and the high speed running of the tooth roller, and also has the function of "front pulling back pressure, front blowing back suction". Therefore, there is no requirement for the water content and mud content of the material. Will not affect the crushing effect and crushing efficiency, materials are always in and out, ensure full output, no stick plug! We provide you with intimate products to make your work easy and carefree!

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