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Applicable industry

Storage containers for powder and granular bulk materials in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industries.

Applicable materials

Suitable for various powder and granular materials

Product Advantages

  • Easy to clean and structurally stable
  • Also suitable for bulk materials with poor fluidity
  • Efficient handling of batches of bulk materials in automated production processes
  • Quantitatively and accurately distribute a variety of materials

Applicable industry

Metallurgy, ceramics, abrasives, emery, non-metallic minerals, refractory materials, mining, food, chemicals, glass, building materials, etc.

Product introduction

Cache silo In order to improve production efficiency, a preparation silo is configured above the mixer so that there is always a batch of prepared materials waiting to be mixed, which can increase production efficiency by 30%. Only in this way can the advantages of an efficient mixer be reflected. Secondly, the material will form an air arch and it is difficult to unload the material. The silo must be equipped with a flow-assisted air cushion or a vibration motor; for maintenance and sealing, the mouth of the silo must be equipped with a pneumatic or manual valve;The device has a sealed conical container structure. In order to discharge materials smoothly, the cone angle of the silo should not be greater than 60 degrees.


The pneumatic conveying device of the storage silo mainly consists of a storage silo, a receiving silo, a supply hopper, a top emptying and cleaning device, a rotary feeder, an unloader, a gas separator, a dust collector, a roots blower, and an ultrasonic material level gauge, reversing valve, conveying pipeline valve, automatic control and other components.


These companies are using silo
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Metal powder
  • Biological
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • New energy
  • Pharmaceutical

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