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Airflow Sieve

Why choose airflow sieve

High output: 5-10 times or higher than that of vibrating screen

High efficiency: Screening efficiency is as high as 95% or more;

Conjunction with various equipment: Can be used with various mills and wind turbines connected to the grid;

Cost savings: Low noise, low energy consumption, continuous operation, and reduced maintenance.


Why is the airflow sieve?

  • A wide range of fineness 80-530 mesh, various powdery materials can be screened efficiently
  • Accurate fineness no super or mixed grade phenomenon
  • Long service life The screen is installed vertically and is not load-bearing
  • No dust pollution The screening process is carried out in a negative pressure semi-circulation state

These industries have chosen airflow sieve

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, metal, metallurgical mining, other industries, etc.

The airflow sieve works very well on these materials!

Zinc powder, graphite powder, resin powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, coating, fly ash, wood powder, rubber additives, talc powder, mica powder, API, pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetics, fire extinguishing agent, plastic powder, clay, abrasives , aluminum powder, glass powder, refractory materials, starch, milk powder, metallurgical powder, electromagnetic materials, copper powder, carbon black, activated carbon, light calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate, iron ore, magnetic materials, zinc borate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, magnesium oxide, light magnesium oxide, barium sulfate, zinc oxide, manganese dioxide, rubber powder, active enzymes, molecular sieve raw materials, starch, pigments, PVC resin powder, silica gel powder, battery materials,lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, lithium cobalt oxide and other powder materials

Technical Parameters

Model airflow volume
Screen specifications
Feeding particle size
Spindle speed
Cage diameter
Cage length
WS-600 240-1100 80-600mesh 40mesh≤ 3 420 Φ606 380
WS-1000 200-2500 5.5/7.5 960 Φ1006 730
WS-1600 500-2600 11/15 970 Φ1500 2335
WS-1800 720-7200 22 650 Φ1800 1802

working principle

It is connected in series in the air path of raw material production. The raw material mixture enters the machine body from the air flow screen inlet. Through the intelligent turbine, the raw materials are dispersed into monomers and pass through the composite screen in an orderly manner, and then enter the next process along the wind path. Unqualified impurities and foreign matter are intercepted and automatically discharged through the automatic slag discharge port. This completes the selection process of networked jobs. Using airflow atomization to disperse raw materials into monomers, it overcomes the stickiness, agglomeration, electrostatic adsorption, light weight, floating, agglomeration and other characteristics of materials that are difficult to screen, and achieves the purpose of effective screening that cannot be achieved by traditional screening machinery. It is an intelligent screening equipment that comprehensively utilizes centrifugal force, wind force, gas vortex, mechanical kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy and vibration force.

These companies are using air duct airflow sieve
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Biological
  • Metal powder
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • New energy
  • Pharmaceutical

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