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Shangluo 500t Vanadium Tailings Treatment

Material:Vanadium tailings

Mesh size:100mesh

Equipment configuration:GFVD Dewatering Screen

A vanadium mine in Shangluo, 500t/d vanadium tailings, with a concentration of 25%, the grain size is about 70% of the 100 mesh, and more than 95% of the dry ore can be extracted with dry row sieve. The tailings of the tailings after dry row are less than 20%. tailings, and the tailings are used for building materials and the tailings are reused; the bottom current can be returned to water resources directly, and the tailings are not used completely.

Backwater return

The amount of tailings treated daily (containing water and tailings) is 2000t / d. After dry discharge treatment, the tailings and water are taken away at 900t / d, and 1100 tons of water are left. Based on the water price of 0.8 yuan / ton, the price of 1100U / t is 0.8880 yuan, and the working day is 300 days per year / ton / ton. It is 264,000 yuan.Water resources can be saved by 264000 yuan a year.

Coarse sand return

Dry discharge of 475 tons of coarse sand per ton, 10 yuan per ton of profits, 300days of work a year ,47510300=1425000 yuan ,per year in return for 1.425 million yuan of coarse sand.
500t/d vanadium tailings using tailings dry sieve investment of about 500000 yuan.

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