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BGRIMM Magnetic Materials

Material:Magnetic material

Mesh size:100mesh

The production process of magnetic materials is complex, and it is inevitable that there will be caking, industrial impurities and secondary pollutants entering into the raw materials, which will affect the quality. Therefore, the final screening must be carried out. Due to its high hardness, high viscosity, easy to clasp and easy to fly, it is difficult to solve the screening problem in the production process. The engineers of the north mine have also made many experiments, using vibrating screens, ultrasonic screens, or equipment using air separation and similar airflow sieves. Only rough screening is carried out, and screening is very difficult to carry out effectively. Not only is the output low and the particle size exceeding the standard, And still dust flies, pollution is serious.

We designed a magnetic material special airflow screen, the airflow screen in series to the production line, that is, in the wet mill-drying-crushing airflow sieve packaging. In this way, the whole system is rigorous, airtight, no dust, fine grade magnetic materials screened, and no pollution of raw materials flying up the environment.
At this point, you must be surprised, why add airflow sieve to wait to solve this problem?
Because the airflow screen is a special equipment for automatic interception and removal in series in the air path. Its principle-it is in series in the wind path of the magnetic material production, the raw material mixture enters the body from the air flow inlet, through the intelligent turbine adding force, the material disperses the monomer to the composite sieve network to pass orderly. Downwind direction into the cyclone collection and packaging process. The unqualified impurity foreign body is intercepted and discharged through the automatic slag discharge port. As a result, there is a network of job selection process. Characteristics-the use of air atomizing raw materials into monomers, overcoming the viscous material, agglomeration, electrostatic adsorption, light floating and other difficult sieving characteristics, the realization of traditional screening machinery can not have The purpose of screening. It is a comprehensive use of centrifugal force, wind, gas eddy, mechanical kinetic energy, gravity potential energy and vibration force and other intelligent screening equipment.

After a number of uses, have reached their praise. Successful customers are: North Mining Magnetic Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Haode Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., Shanxi National Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jiangyi Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Ocean Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd.

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