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Food raw materials multi-point supply system

Material:Various food factories such as taro, bread, cakes, and frozen foods

Capacity:20000 ton

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the public's requirements for food safety and hygiene are also getting higher and higher. The use of bulk flour can avoid many shortcomings of using bagged flour, and has obvious technical advantages and economic advantages.

1.Technical advantages

(1) Bulk flour is transported directly from the flour bulk bin to the food factory silo through the tanker truck. There is no secondary pollution, reducing food safety risks.
(2) The use of bulk flour can reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce packaging costs and reduce losses.
(3) Using quantitative transportation, measurement and control technology, to achieve multi-point feeding, multi-point quantitative delivery, discharge and metering automatic delivery metering system, and the material in the pipeline through the pneumatic conveying cycle operation, can achieve continuous, clean production.
(4) In order to reduce the cost of raw material ingredients, the use of variable frequency feed metering, mixing equipment to increase mixing equipment.
(5) The online airflow screening technology can be used to realize the screening of materials in the pipeline transportation process. Effective removal of agglomerates in raw materials, auxiliary materials, impurities, insects and other impurities

2.Economic benefits

If the calculation is based on 20,000 tons of flour for a medium-sized food processing company, the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 1.8 million CNY. The total cost is as follows (CNY/ton powder)

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