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Food additive screening program

Food additives mainly include: citric acid, improver, emulsifier, VC, sodium pyrophosphate, food grade pigment, etc.

Food additives classification

Citric acid
food grade pigment
sodium pyrophosphate

Citric acid

The production method of citric acid

The production methods of citric acid can be divided into 3 types: fruit extraction method, chemical synthesis method, and biological fermentation method.

Production Process

Dried potatoes are used as raw materials, directly crushed, slurried, and liquefied to carry out aerobic liquid deep fermentation, calcium salt method extraction, evaporation, concentration, and then crystallization; after crystallization, solid-liquid separation is carried out with a centrifuge to obtain wet lemon The acid crystals are dried and screened, and finally the finished citric acid is obtained.


Improver classification

Steamed bread flour quality improver, noodle flour quality improver, flour gluten, dried noodle anti-odor improver, glutinous rice flour quality improver, quick-frozen dumpling quality improver, bread flour quality improver, etc.

Production Process

Raw materials [formulation]-dust-free feeding station/ton bag feeding station-vibrating screen-mixer-vibrating screen-packaging-palletizing

Client needs

Dust-free reception of raw materials
Sieve impurities

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