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Flour screening and impurity removal solutions for bakery, collective restaurants and hotels

【Bakeries, hotels, schools, corporate restaurants】A lot of flour is used every day. In order to ensure food hygiene and healthy eating, avoid foreign objects or certificates carried in the outer packaging of flour from entering the production process, and improve the fluffy degree of flour. There will be a second screening of the flour.

Comparison between automatic screening and manual screening

Automatic screening: health and safety, reduced labor intensity, high work efficiency.

Manual screening: low efficiency, high labor intensity, and easy to cause secondary pollution.

Applicable place

Flour screening equipment suitable for bakery, hotel, school, enterprise collective restaurant.

School canteen
Corporate restaurant

Equipment advantages

High efficiency:25 kg of flour can be sieved in just 2 minutes.

Health and safety:360° no dead angle design, complete disassembly and assembly in 1 minute, sanitary and safe.

Mobile flexibilityCart design, start-stop button + Delixi industrial socket, easy to move, flexible switching of working place.

Overall benefit

01 The sieved flour is mixed with water, the uniformity is higher, and it is not easy to agglomerate to form a powder ball

02 Mechanized production of flour through sieving to improve visibility and ensure food safety and health.

03 Improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Application range

Suitable for various food processing such as bread, pastry, steamed buns, buns, dumplings, rice noodles, etc.

Baked bread
Steamed buns

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