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Wood flour


wood flour

Mesh size:
20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh, 120mesh
Equipment configuration:
  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

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Wood flour introduction


Wood crushed into powder, it is used in the wide range, can be used as mosquito coils, leather, clothing, paper, electrical appliances, supplies, paint, cat litter, chemical, insulation materials, outdoor decoration materials, building materials and other raw materials. Widely used in chemical, building materials, medicine, health care, breeding, food, manufacturing, power generation, and other industries; the other can be made of charcoal heating mechanism.


Wood flour production process


Peeling - slicing - crushing - screening - drying - granulation - packaging


Screening purposes


The wood flour thickness is great difference after crushing , in order to meet the needs of production and preparation, through the vibrating screen, the thickness of the mixed powder separation of coarse powder and fine powder.


Demand analysis


1.Screening need to vibrate constantly : Wood powder at rest, due to the surface free energy and other factors, easy to form wood flour block and not easy to pass through the screen mesh. When constantly vibrating, the balance of various forces is destroyed, smaller size powder passed screen mesh. However, the vibration speed should be moderate, too fast or too slow will reduce the screening efficiency.
2. Bamboo flour sieve should be appropriate: According to the required fineness of wood powder, the correct selection of the appropriate screen mesh size.
3. Powder should be dry: the water content of the powder is too high, wood powder viscosity, easy to block the screen mesh, affecting the efficiency of screening.
4. The thickness of the powder layer should be moderate: added to the wood powder into the vibrating screen, the powder should not be too much, it should allow wood powder move in a larger area , it is conducive to sifting. However, it is also not too little wood powder, it will affect the efficiency of screening.


Recommended scheme


Wood flour vibrating screen machine use rectangular linear vibrating screen due of its characteristics of the industry. Because the rectangular linear vibrating screen yield large, convenient for changing the screen, the wood powder will with large additional profits after screening. Compared with the three-dimensional vibrating screen machine output is much higher. Compared with the drum screening machine procurement costs are low, easy to use, not easy to plug the screen mesh size. Linear vibrating screen is the wood power industry's preferred equipment.


  • SZF-C直线筛

    Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF直线直排筛

    SZF Straight Sieve

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