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Two Roller Coarse Crusher

Application: Thermal power plants, Thermal companies, Coal fields, etc

Material: Coal, coal gangue, lignite, anthracite, peat, sinter, coke, slag, shale, limestone, etc

Product Advantage


High Yield Screening
Crushing Rate Low, Grain Size Fine
Relative roller differential speed operation with mutual scraping action, because of its higher running speed, and also has role of “former pulling back pressure, former blowing back inhaling”, the crusher has no requirement of moisture and mud content in any time, will not affect the crushing effect. Material is always all into the whole out to ensure overfill force. Crushing rate low, grain size fine: adopting combined crushing but not impact and strike breaking, it will not produce secondary crushing phenomenon, so crushing rate very low. Two teeth roller center distance will not change once fixed, the materials will be hard crushed instantly, almost no repeat broken, to ensure uniform granule.
Low Investment Costs
Simple Structure With Less Maintenance
Screen and crush together, a small investment: two teeth roller relative rotation form rotary space lattice sieve. To achieve the double effect of crushing and screening, one machine can complete the crushing and screening work. So, you don’t need to match the screening equipment, simplifying system, reduce investment cost. Handwheel or hydraulic structure can adjust the discharging granularity quickly.The equipment adopt modular architecture, can be divided remote installation according to the site requirement, or customer can choose assembly installation, so as to lift and maintain conveniently. Standard modular composite teeth plate more interchangeability and versatility, greatly reduce the replacement cycle of the teeth plate and operating costs.
Environmental Protection & Energy Saving
Integrated Liquid Spring Balance Flashback Protection
Input size≤350mm, the outlet between 3-50 mm can be freely adjusted, a crushing ratio can reach 50.GF crusher machine energy consumption has a function of reserve and kinetic energy release.Less than 0.03mm amplitude and below 70 decibels noise, the micro positive pressure and all enclosed structure forms, completely eliminate the work-site “three evils” phenomenon, prevent workers silicosis, it is truly environmentally friendly products. My company develops automatic concession crusher patented product for the current condition that the coal source is not fixed and more debris . When the wood and other non-magnetic alloy or rubber and other flexible objects can not be broken in the crusher, the two roller quickly and automatically retreat parallel to the above materials, and then quickly returned to the original gap position, to keep continuous operation.
Safe & Intelligent Reliability
Uniform Feeding & Long Service Life
GF2PGC Two roller coarse crusher is security smart and reliable: the machine adopts the double protection of the electrical and mechanical, cabinet is equipped with PLC programmable controller, which has the interlock protection function, can achieve local control and centralized control room manual / automatic control. It is a ideal crusher for the heating and powering. Vibration feeding, uniform distribution: choosing our company’s new type anti-adhesion and anti-blocking vibration uniform feeder, reduce the tooth plate eccentric wear, prolong the life of the tooth plate

Why choose Gaofu Teeth Roller Crusher

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Applicable materials

Technical Parameters

GF2PGC Two Roller Coarse Crusher Parameters(Input size≤250mm, output size≤50mm.)

Model Capacity(t/h) Motor model Power(KW) Dimensions(L*W*H) Weight(Kg)
GF2PGC-120 100-140 Y2-200L2-6 22×2=44 4300×1630×1000 8050
GF2PGC-160 150-180 Y2-225M-6 30×2=60 4300×1830×1000 9250
GF2PGC-200 180-200 Y2-250M-6 37×2=74 4300×2130×1000 10500
GF2PGC-230 200-250 Y2-280S-6 45×2=90 4500×1970×1200 12500
GF2PGC-250 220-270 Y2-280S-6 45×2=90 4500×2480×1200 13250
GF2PGC-300 260-320 Y2-280M-6 55×2=110 4500×2480×1200 14050
GF2PGC-370 320-390 Y2-315S-6 75×2=150 4500×2790×1200 16150
GF2PGC-450 380-460 Y2-315S-6 75×2=150 4550×3090×1200 18250
GF2PGC-500 450-520 Y2-315M-6 90×2=180 4550×3290×1200 20350


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