Lao-Tzu said: the world difficult, will be done from easy thing; world affairs, will be done in detail. The mystery often hidden in the details which determine the success or failure. Enterprises grasp the details so as to achieve refined management, Everlasting; individual grasp the details in order to prevent the slightest gradual,and to success and excellence.


Our colleague Mr.Lee who is the sales of the company successfully signed a contract some time ago,the key of her success is her intentions for everything and meticulous work, customer enthusiasm, in return for the final victory

That day,Mr. Lee came to work after lunch, he saw a missed call in the phone when he passed the office desk, after checked, he found it was called before several minutes, he called back because he judged nobody answering the phone. Then he know that Mr. Shi came to Zhengzhou with a business trip, he heard that there were many vibrating screen manufacturers in Xinxiang,he wanted to build new plant and need to use new equipment,so, he called to ask for it.However, he couldn’t come to visit the company because of he was rush to the plane. After the call, Mr. Lee send the message to Mr. Shi to tell him our contact datas.

The second day, Mr. Shi called back, and told the characteristic of their material, Mr. Lee introduce the machine and recommend the suitable model according to the description from Mr. Shi.
Mr. Lee explained with the most professional knowledge, meet the overall needs of Mr. Shi with the greatest extent possible. Hard work pays off, the list finally successfully won.

Life is full of opportunities, as long as you can be careful about every detail, perhaps just a small message heard inadvertently, will give you unlimited surprises。

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