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Crushing granularity:10mm

Shanxi Orchid Technology Venture Co., Ltd. (A Ticker:600123)is the first coal listed company in Shanxi Province and the only listed company in Jincheng. It has developed from a single coal enterprise to a coal production company, focusing on coal and chemical fertilizers. Fine coal chemical industry and other diversified industries in one of the modern enterprises, chemical fertilizer raw materials coal base in the country is one of the large enterprises.
The orchid family has an annual production of 200000 tons of caprolactam. It is one of the key projects in the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the province and the city. It is also one of the key projects implemented by the Orchid Cochon Group to "strengthen coal, adjust fertilizer, upgrade chemicals, and develop new energy and new materials." The important Project of speeding up the transition from traditional Coal Chemical Industry to Modern Coal Chemical Industry.

In order to ensure the advanced nature and reliability of the equipment, and in response to the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection put forward by the state, Orchidaceae has cooperated with China's Tianchen in the process of selecting coal transport and crushing equipment. Making use of the engineering design and general contracting experience of Tianchen project for many years, as well as the familiarity with various advanced equipments, through the investigation team composed of orchid branch and Chinese Tianchen cooperation, we have carried on the field inspection to our company's products. And unanimously determine the choice of our company's tooth roller coal crusher.

After several years of cooperation and service, GaoFu products and services have been deeply recognized by the orchid family and China Tianchen Project, become its excellent partners.

1,GaoFu toothed roller coal shredder provides reliable granularity guarantee for 200000 ton caprolactam project of Orchidaceae.

2,The vibration values of 8 bearings and 16 test points in the field are 0.03-0.16mm, which is much better than the industry vibration standard.

3,The dust pollution of the equipment is solved, the dust is less than 10 mg / m ~ 3, which meets the requirement of environmental protection.

4,GaoFu technical service team of professional and responsiveness beyond the user expectations, has been the user's consistent praise.

GaoFu company sieving, broken products for Luxi chemical industry, Kim Jong un, orchid Ke Chong, Jindi, salt group and other domestic large chemical fertilizer enterprises to provide reliable support and coal crushing solutions.

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