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Nanhai Jieneng


Crushing granularity:10mm

Foshan Nanhai Cannon Investment holding Co., Ltd is located under the west woodcutter mountain and the west river in the famous "4A" scenic spot of the country. After decades of development, it has become a power generation, heating, water supply and sewage treatment. Coal water slurry preparation industry-based comprehensive enterprises. Its subordinate enterprise Nanhai Jieneng fuel Co., Ltd., the original use of the 200-ring hammer crusher. For several years, employees have been plagued by the high noise and dust of hammer crusher. As soon as the equipment runs, the employees run far away and dare not come close. Moreover, there are many Rain Water in the south, coal water content exceeds the standard frequently, crusher is blocked, and the normal production demand is seriously affected.
At a conference of thermoelectricity industry in 2013, we popularized the design concept and practical application of the new type tooth roller coal crusher with GaoFu , "environmental protection, health, non-stickiness and non-blocking, guaranteed granularity". Nanhai Jieneng coal transport specialist heard greatly touched, back to the company feedback information. After two years of examination and approval, finally, in 2015, they will be hammering crusher into our high-wear tooth roller shredder!
Let the staff work to save, rest assured, comfortable, is our unremitting pursuit of GaoFu machinery! We believe that we will create more in line with the needs of our customers good broken equipment! Welcome friends to our enterprise field visit guidance!

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