Luxi Group - Xinxiang Gaofu Machinery Co., Ltd

Luxi Group

Material:lump coal

Crushing granularity:10mm
Equipment configuration:GF4PG Four Teeth Roller Crusher、Heavy Vibration Feeder

Luxi Chemical Group Limited by Share Ltd is a state-owned large chemical enterprise group. It is a comprehensive chemical industry enterprise integrating chemical fertilizer, chemical and chemical equipment and installation. It is one of the largest chemical industry enterprises in the country. Because it is a large chemical enterprise, it is very strict with the safety of the equipment. The equipment is very careful and careful. After the early exploration and use of the site, full technical communication, strict bidding comparison, the final determination of the use of our GaoFu roll crusher.
To be on the safe side, the customer first ordered one of our GaoFu crushing equipment, six months to make sure that there was no problem, and ordered the second GaoFu roller crusher GF4PG300 again.
Characteristics of high wear roll crusher:
1,ensure granularity, meet the requirements of circulating fluidized bed boiler for coal particle size;
2, dust-free environmental protection, meet the strict requirements of chemical enterprises for dust standards;
3, individual design, for different use site technical design, Meet the needs of customers.
GaoFu roller crusher, also successfully used in Shandong Weihai thermoelectric group, Shandong Shifeng group, Shandong Linglong tire group, Shandong Xiangchi hot moving thermoelectric enterprises, become a circulating fluidized bed boiler coal conveyer system.

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