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Intelligent dust-free screening system

Material:Food,Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Minerals and other industries

Capacity:No limited

The intelligent dust-free screening system integrates intelligent, environmentally screening systems for feeding, screening, and dust removal. The entire system is controlled by a keyboard, which truly realizes intelligent screening.

Intelligent dust-free screening system introduction

The intelligent dust-free screening system consists of six components: one set vibrating screen, one set negative pressure source, one set aggregate, one set feeder, one set dust collector and one set controller. The working principle is as follows: the suction pipe directly sucks the raw material from the raw material package and feeds it into the collector, and evenly feeds the raw material to the vibrating screen through the feeder. (The traditional manual feeding, unequal feeding and dust problems are obtained. control). The dust generated by screening and the powder produced by the feed are automatically sucked away by the negative pressure air flow. When the work is handed over, the system can use the cleaning device that comes with the system to collect ground raw materials, material and bag corners, and artificial or transported scattered raw materials by transport to the back feeder to save raw materials. The control of the whole system is realized by the keyboard, which realizes the screening intelligentization.

Intelligent dust-free screening system features

Feeding: automatic feeding systemization, eliminating human factors
Feeding: uniform feeding, no damage to the screen, easy to control, high efficiency
Screening: suitable for GMP, CE, ISO standards, accurate screening
Dust removal: vacuum cycle without dust, clean environment
Environmental protection: automatic collection scattered materials, cleaning and saving of raw materials

Application industry

Food Industry: Food Additives
Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine powder, raw material medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates
Metallurgical industry: tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, aluminum powder, lead powder, corundum, corundum, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic material, mortar powder, quartz sand, silicon carbide, silicon Micro powder, resin powder, zircon powder
Chemical industry: pigment glaze, powder coating, etc.
Intelligent screening machines have unique effects in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials, metal powders, abrasives and other industries, as well as fire-proof and explosion-proof production environments that have special requirements for equipment.

Intelligent dust-free screening system various combinations

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