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Coal crushing system


Capacity:No limited
Equipment configuration:GF4PG Four Teeth Roller Crusher、BTS Bar Screen、ZGF Vibrating Feeder

The thermal power plant coal conveying system is an important process to guarantee the safe and reliable supply of heating and gas supply, and the normal continuous operation of the boiler. Gaofu company relies on many years of production experience such as vibrating screening equipment, tooth roller crushing equipment, and vibration feeding equipment, and undertakes various types of conveying coal / crushing system equipment general contracting.

Coal Conveying System Introduction

The task of the coal handling system (coal transport system) is to put the raw coal in the dry coal Borori into the vibrating screen by the belt coal feeder, and the 0-10mm coal under the sieve mesh directly falls into the next belt, larger than 10mm coal blocks enter the coal crusher, and the coal crusher breaks the larger than 10 mm coal blocks into 0-10 mm coal particles and then falls into the next belt, and transports the coal to Boiler room coal storage room. In order to meet the needs of the boiler operation, iron separators are installed in the middle or tail of the front belt to remove iron scrap from the coal. The system uses one set tooth roller crusher, which is suitable for crushing of materials with compressive strength values ≤ 80-100 MPa, such as coal, coal gangue, slag, shale, coke, etc. The discharge particle size is guaranteed within the range of 10mm and below, so that the coal particle size reaches the boiler combustion requirement. For coal handling systems with a coal transmission capacity greater than 400 T/H, one set vibrating screen machine can be installed before the crusher. Its purpose is to reduce the load on the crusher and prolong its service life.

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