Structure diagram of the tumbler screen working principle

The tumbler screen is an improvised technique to the other screening techniques in which product on the screen is moved from the center by radial inclination while the tangential inclination leads to circular motion of the product.It is suitable for materials that are spherical, cylindrical, flake, or even irregularly shaped and easy to block and require precision screening.

Tumbler screen technical parameters

The main models of tumbler screens are GFBD-600, GFBD-1000, GFBD-1200, GFBD-1600, GFBD-2000, GFBD-2400, GFBD-2600, GFBD-3200, etc. According to the screening materials and industries, there are more optional models.

Application scope: food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, other industries, etc.

Application materials: citric acid, milk powder, starch, sugar, vitamins, spices, tea, feed, plastics, rubber, fertilizer, sugar and salt industry, renewable resources, EPS, PVI, PVC, resin, etc.

Tumbler screen installation requirements

1.When the equipment is installed, it must be carried out in accordance with the relevant interface size and installation method and related technical requirements jointly confirmed by the supplier and the buyer;

2.Before the equipment is installed, first check whether the parts are complete or damaged according to the packing list. Among them, if the power conversion device (crankcase) is more than six months from the factory, the bearings and other rotating parts should be re-disassembled, washed and assembled. And replace it with a new grease of the corresponding brand;

3.The equipment installation should be carried out in accordance with the installation drawing, and the hoisting should be determined once or separately according to the size and weight of the equipment. When hoisting, it should be hoisted according to the specified position. It is strictly forbidden to hang the spreader directly on the drive motor to lift the whole equipment;

4.The equipment steel structure support must be horizontally installed on the foundation, and then bolted or welded to the foundation embedded parts according to relevant technical requirements;

5.When the equipment is installed, a space of 150-200mm should be reserved between the moving body (the upper part of the equipment) and the non-moving parts such as hoppers and chutes to ensure that the equipment operates normally and does not collide during start and stop.

6.If the inlet and outlet of the equipment need to be closed and connected, flexible connection should be adopted, and no rigid material or other fixed connection should be used, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the connected pipeline or equipment;

7.The equipment rubber springs are selected according to the free height, and the rubber springs should be the same batch of products of the same manufacturer with the same specification.

The structure diagram of the square swing screen working principle

After the screen machine is started, the shaking body of the screen machine, namely the screen box, will reciprocate back and forth under the action of inertial force. The screen box drives the screen surface to periodically shake, so that the material on the screen surface will make a directional jumping motion with the screen box. During this period, the physical particles smaller than the screen surface aperture fall to the lower layer through the screen holes and become under-screen objects. The material larger than the screen surface aperture is discharged from the discharge port after continuous tumbling and jumping motion, thus completing the screening work.

Square Swing Screen Technical Parameters

The main models of the square swing screen are HXS-1536, HXS-1836, HXS-2040, etc. There are a variety of models to choose according to the screening materials and industries.

Applications: Building materials, mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, abrasives, food and other industries.

Application materials: dry powder mortar, machine-made sand, natural sand, quartz sand, perlite, dolomite, calcite, potash feldspar and other stone powder and mineral powder; metallurgy, metal powder, mineral powder, food, sugar, salt, abrasives, Classification of feed and other industries.

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